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  1. hashish420

    valve stem carb mod

    Hey everyone what is this valve stem carb mod everyone is speaking of im overhauling mine right now!
  2. A

    Help ?!?!

    I took my 350 warrior out today for about an hour and a half it seem to run fine then it started accelerating by its self , i shut it off thinking it was gonna over heat . The engine stayed hot to the touch for a good 3 to 4 hours . ? Is this a common problem ? fix?
  3. E

    z400 carb

    Looking to get a z400 carburetor and a raptor 350 intake manifold. Let me know what ya got!
  4. R

    Raptor 350, best mods for money?

    :atv:ive got a 2013 Yamaha raptor350. ive saved up about $500 and want to spend it on my wheeler. I don't really need more speed, but torque doesn't hurt. im interested in protection, and suspension( possibly extended a-arms, and axle), any ideas what to get? the quads already got, -AC...
  5. Ranger1997

    Full HMF exhaust!

    I have purchased a 2002 yfm warrior 350 from a close friend wih a feshly rebulit top end and a FULL HMF PIPE!!! I know many people say its not possible but it seems to be. No other signs of another make, just seems to fit (header and silener) togather perfectly! Check it out it was expensive...
  6. Ranger1997

    Wanted 02' aftermarket warrior parts!

    I am looking into some aftrmarket parts formy 2002 warrior. If anybody has any parts such as ; Nerf Bars, Grab bar, A-Arm guard, Hand guards, Aftermarket brake rotors, or Rev Box! Let me know threw email PM or text!:atv:
  7. C

    Caltric Stator problem solved!! FIXED MY SPARK!!!

    Anyone out there that has been chasing spark issues on their Warrior has come across eBay stators. I took a chance on it considering how much volume Caltric sells..here is my story Bought an 01 Warrior with no spark/intermittent spark (started once). I went through the entire bike testing...
  8. blackandproud14

    Warrior parts needed

    I have a 1997 warrior need plastics tires back brakes bars grips seat if you have any extra parts message meand we could work out a deal
  9. CarolusRex98

    My new awesome picture!!!

    I just made this picture of my quad and it is awesome!!! Don't cha' think, i used it as a screen saver, i might be able to make ones for y'all...
  10. CarolusRex98

    Banshee shocks???

    Whats the big deal about putting banshee shocks on a warrior, and should i do it???
  11. CarolusRex98

    What would win!!! Answer me!!!

    Im really mad right now, you all know what i got in and on my warrior, my dad thinks has FULLY STOCK 1995 polaris sportsman 400 can "eat my bike up" bullshit, were drag racing them next week, who is gonna win... (Also if i lose im selling my warrior)
  12. CarolusRex98

    '96 warrior for time and 800$

    Its all tKen apart i found the add n craigslist great price just needs some time and TLC http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/mcy/3782811670.html
  13. CarolusRex98

    Convincing freind to go warrior!!!

    My buddy has a banshee and he wants another bike, a 4-stroke, tha is nearly un-killable, and is still a nice bike, ya a warrior, but he wants a 400ex but scre honda (sorry honda fans) , so does anybody know how t swing him!!! HELP SOON!!! Thanks...
  14. CarolusRex98

    Warriors look poopy help!!!

    Ok I've tried asking about cut-off fenders ,people Arendt very helpfull , so fact of the matter is HOW CAN I MAKE A WARRIOR LOOK GOOD!!! They probly rank one of the ugliest quads , the low fenders ( not as bad as those poopy bombadeir quads ) I would love to cut them but I can't so , I would...
  15. CarolusRex98

    Fender-free-warrior help!!!

    Ok so I've seen them warriors with no fenders and I realy want to do that with my warrior but there are problems: Issue 1: my dad won't let me do it , but the weird thing is he had cut offs on his bike when he was younger and he loved them (on his '85 Suzuki Quadracer 250, also my birthday is...
  16. CarolusRex98

    K&N filters???

    Ok my buddy just got K&N filters in his '87 banshee , I've got UNIs and he used to have UNIs and he says the K&Ns are better , so the point is , is should I keep my UNIs or get K&Ns , also if you know and good aftermarket box CLOSED lids it would help
  17. CodeBlue

    What aftermarket lights do you recommend ?

    I'm having trouble trying to find a handlebar mounted light. My normal lights quit working , and i need to find a new light before august because i'll be doing some night riding at Busco Beach. I left my current light case on there just for looks but that should change. Also This man is trying...
  18. CarolusRex98

    "Rolling hills"

    Today I was riding my '98 warrior , I went up this hill a thousand and one times but eventually I didn't have enought speed and held my clutch and peacefully went down but then hit a rock and it moved my bars an seince I was going back so fast and then turned I rolled it now I need to fix my bars
  19. CarolusRex98

    Should I get a 3.4 gallon gas tank

    I was wondering if I should get a 3.4 gallon gas tank for my 98 warrior they are expensive so I don't want to make a bad decision so I was asking you're guys you're opinion and if so I was wondering if someone could show me how to install it
  20. cjohnsey21

    Lighting Suggestions

    Im pretty new to the warrior world and recently got a 95 and did a few things to it. My next real step is getting some lighting on it, it has no rear tail or headlights. I really don't think its worth while to find and purchase a stock headlight assembly. I got a pretty good budget for a nice...