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    Parts For Sale Billet Extended warrior 350 swingarm

  3. Z

    Parts Wanted 1987 warrior headlight stay (headlight bracket)

    I'm looking for a 1987 (or 88 I believe is the same) headlight bracket, or headlight stay as some call it. Either aftermarket, which I so far have had no luck finding any, or a used OEM one. The OEM has been harder to come by then I expected, at least ones that doesn't have the limited edition...

    Parts For Sale Warrior 350 Carbon Fiber items

    We are starting to make carbon fiber parts. we have 2 currently for sale with a 3rd in development and more to come. https://zoomzoomparts.com/pages/search-results-page?q=carbon+fiber

    Parts For Sale Zoom Zoom Parts - ADJUSTABLE DIRECT SHIFTER FOR WARRIOR/RAPTOR 350 (fits oil cooler mod)

    https://zoomzoomparts.com/products/adjustable-direct-foot-shifter-for-1987-2004-yamaha-warrior-350-yfm-350-works-with-oil-cooler https://zoomzoomparts.com/products/adjustable-direct-foot-shifter-for-2004-2013-yamaha-raptor-350-yfm-350-works-with-oil-cooler


  7. M

    Warrior 350 Engine Rattle *FIXED*

    Hello, Just posting this clip I had of this terrible "engine" rattle I encountered mid ride a few weeks ago. This has already been fixed a few days ago but it might be helpful to someone with the same problem. I had the quad down to the bare frame over the winter time and when I put the engine...

    Upgraded dual piston rear brake assemblies now ready!

  9. R

    Harness help

    I am working on a 97 warrior and picked up a 99 warrior harness. I need pictures to show routing and pig tail connections if someone could email them to me at r a y m c g r a d y 8 1 @ g m a i l . C o m. Im a picture person my self. So any help would be very appreciative. Im new to the warrior...
  10. Wildgasgas

    Yamaha warrior best moments compilation!

    3 years ago I posted a compilation video of some highlights riding my warrior. Here's another video, with some helmet cam footages which in my opinion are a good watch. River crossing, MX, fast trail riding... https://youtu.be/390WJVvRJw0 I would appreciate any view and comment :atv:
  11. T

    Relay Problem ( ELECTRICAL )

    Hey guys. So... Today I was riding on my Warrior 350 and I noticed that my turning signals weren´t working properly. They were on but not blinking. And when I got to home I started to test them and when the motor was off they were working properly, but when I turned the motor on the...
  12. D

    1991 warrior starting issue

    Hello, I recently replaced my starter in my warrior. When I try to start it the starter spins for about 5-10 seconds then i can hear it finally catch and start to turn the engine over. It still does this even with a jump pack hooked up. Can I take my starter out and hook it up to a power source...
  13. T

    Warrior 350 - Electrical Problems

    Hey, Folks. Today, I came from a small trip and when I came home I turned off my bike to open my house gate and then when I came back my warrior wouldn´t start for anything in this world. Later on that day, after charging the battery I tested it to see if it started but I got nothing from it...
  14. Piteriuz

    Warrior 350 - speedometer

    I’m thinking about buying a speedometer for Yamaha Warrior 350 (2004) and I don’t know which one to choose. Could you send me links to them, please? I’m thinking about buying TRAILTECH VAPOR, but how to install it?
  15. A

    New Member in Arizona

    Hello all, Chris from Tucson Arizona here. Just picked up a single seat buggy powered by a warrior motor. It had some issues when I bought it. The owner re-jetted to a 170 main so it ran like s*** at the top end. 2 days ago it stopped running. I found I had lost spark and tracked to down to...
  16. J

    New here and new to atv's

    Hi I just purchased a 1999 yamaha warrior and was told that the bottom end needs rebuilt but I was also told that it was bored out to make it a 400 if it is bored out do I need a bigger crank or piston any help would be appreciated as I am new to all of this thank you in advance josh
  17. T

    Warrior Cylinder Head Removal

    Hi guys. So I´m going to take out my cylinder head but I have some questions that are: 1 - Before I take it out do I need to take the engine oil out ? 2 - And after I do all the thing that I need to, do I need make some adjustments after getting all assembled ( chain tensioner etc ) if...
  18. 9

    What can I do to make my warrior better?

    I've got a 98 warrior and it's pretty much junk right now. What should I do first to make it better?
  19. Naterwedge

    My first round with a Warrior :)

    Hi y'all. I've been lurking on this site for a week now and there is so much good stuff! I just recently obtained my first warrior, I kind of got screwed on a trade with it. I've been out of riding atv's for over 6 years, but have always been a Honda loyalist (easy now haha). So when I got...
  20. warrior350nica

    Hi, New member from Nicaragua

    Hi everyone, I am glad to say I bought my first ATV this past Friday July 4, I am so happy I bought it. Its a 2000 warrior yfm350. I really like the bike. After looking at other pictures, I want to restore my warrior and tune it like some of the users here have done. Can any one give me some...