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Thats awesome the info on the oil pump, I have a warrior motor with the deeper oil pump body and the 13mm male rotor, the online replacement that showed up was the same bolt pattern but much shallower the male rotor is 8mm, can you tell me which year has the larger oil pump?
I am a new member, and could really use some help figuring this out. I am looking for a wiring harness for my 87 warrior 350x. I am getting nowhere looking for OEM number. There has to be some good used ones out there. Can anyone please give me suggestions? Are any of the 80's harness's interchangable? Are banchee or big bear harness exchangable with same 350x engine?
Pablo De Jesus
Ebay and partzilla seem to be the best places to find them
I would like to volunteer to be a mod here as it doesnt look we have any anymore