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I knew to this forum new to any forum actually but I have an 89 warrior n the bolt hole where my exhaust bolts on to whatever that things is called is broken i dont know how but it is i bout this ATV from someone e n it was already like this i need to know what the part is called that the exhaust bolts up to so I can try to find and order it . Please
I have a 89 warrior with a bad CDI box the wires have a short in it coming out of the box I was going to update with a newer CDI but I was wondering what year is it better year to get since I have to change everything??
I would look into Dynatek cdi but they only make them from 02 and up for the warrior I tried to get one for my 01 and they didn’t have them
im so ready to get some testing in! custom 90mm pistons have shipped, and the rods for the 409s have also shipped! its getting intense in here.