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Oct 5, 2012
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East Sparta Ohio
Ok my buddy just got K&N filters in his '87 banshee , I've got UNIs and he used to have UNIs and he says the K&Ns are better , so the point is , is should I keep my UNIs or get K&Ns , also if you know and good aftermarket box CLOSED lids it would help
The K&Ns will allow slightly more airflow, but the uni does a better job filtering out particulates. If you are running a K&N, I would not run one without having an outerwear over it. Some people even take nylon stockings and put them on the K&N, and then the outerwear over the stocking.
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What about these? $40, free shipping. Will need an Outerwearz of course

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I got the same setup off Amazon, except the outerwear is called the K&N precharger. Same difference. Nice filter. If you're in the sand a lot I'm told to put nylon stockings over even that.

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