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  1. V

    var_warrior say;s hello

    Hello to all and yes am too a new member to this site and look forward to chat with you all, don't forget to subscribe to my post to keep up with my build.
  2. 0

    07 350 raptor clicking noise help

    i herd that you guys are the best people to ask about help with stuff about the 350s so here it goes. i have a 2007 raptor 350se as far as i know the thing is all stock besides the stage 2 hotcam it has in it. what i was wonering is why would it make a loud clicking noise and not have as much...
  3. J

    Warrior top end

    My '02 warrior has a leaking base gasket which after months of being ignored now needs to be replaced. Since I'm going in there, I'm wondering what else I should do to prevent future top end repairs... I'm not very experienced but I'm pretty sure it needs rings because it's smoking more and more...
  4. W

    Warrior engine rebuild

    Sup guys im kinda new to this forum. It is the first time I am rebuilding a quad. I have a 1988 yamaha warrior that is looking pretty awesome but i had a crack in the piston between the rings. It never smoked or anything but since i want to restore this thing to like new, i was hoping someone...
  5. BornWithNoBrains

    For all who didnt know!

    I am Jeffreys01Warrior but i lost my old account info so i had this one.... Also check this out http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AdiTj3XMg_0 Please no bad comments
  6. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior Running Rich With Aftermarket Parts

    Hey guys. I hope somebody can help shed some light on this one.... So my warrior has been sitting for a while since it broke the woodruff key. I fixed that, then it wouldn't idle except on choke. So I go through the carb real good and fixed that issue. Then the recoil "blew up" and the...
  7. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior 350 Idling Problems

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything, I've been real busy with work. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, my trusty Warrior has not been running for several months (turned out it broke the woodruff key. Then it broke it again since I didn't use the genuine Yamaha part)...
  8. broughsy01warrior

    Twist throttle + tree = bent frame.

    Me and my buddies were going to our friends hunting camp. When I pulled in to the camp road I geared down and gave it a bit of throttle and the front end came up because I had one of my buddies on the back riding bitch, and I just went blank, I don't know if it was from adrenaline or shock but...
  9. C

    Getting Warrior

    Hi Im new to this , but im purchasing an 87' warrior with a cracked left case, bent axle, and popped chain. What do you all think? Insane, or cool?:atv:
  10. T

    2000 Yamaha Warrior

    hi im new to the warrior, my landlords owned one and it was a great quad. so tomorrow im going to buy one, i cant wait to ride it down my powerlines :atv:
  11. We1Dont7Die

    '00 warrior ignition coil

    Spare ignition coil for sale $10, $6 shipping. PM Me
  12. We1Dont7Die

    '00 warrior CDI

    I have a working cdi which I kept as a spare, now that I've traded for a dirtbike I no longer need this. Looking for $60 and $6 to ship. PM me.
  13. We1Dont7Die

    '00 warrior skidplate

  14. S

    Engine removal help!!!

    hey everyone.. im new to this forum.. but i just bought a 98 warrior for 900. it ran perfectly until i took the front fender off. the wires were a mess and the cdi or something shorted out.. well anyway, i decided to do a complete rebuild.. i have every thing off the frame but the engine.. i...
  15. GrimtownJuggalo

    Yamaha Warrior Wont Start with Start Button

    all the lights work! it will want to start when jumping the solenoid! i have checked the fuse, everything is grounded, and i can find no real answer to this problem! no power going to the orange wire that goes into the ignition coil???? is this a bad connection?? or shorted out somewhere...
  16. J

    Warrior Yfz450

    Hey so I bought some 06' yfz450 plastic for 50 bucks and i want to share some pics and hear your comments. Thanks for viewing!
  17. Y

    Warrior carb on Wolverine

    So I've been reading through some of the posts and several people have put a Warrior carb on their Wolverine. I have a 2000 Wolverine and the carb is trashed. If I put a Warrior carb and boot on it will there be any problems with the stock jets that are on the Warrior carb? My Wolverine is...
  18. B

    Need help ! Stoped quad for 5-6 years !

    Hey people im here to ask for all of your help because i have a Yamaha 350 electric Warrior from 95-96 that have been without any movement like in 5 or 6 years and the battery is dead and have the left tires flat.. im already gonna buy a new battery and put some air in the tires.. also ive been...