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Mar 7, 2011
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all the lights work! it will want to start when jumping the solenoid! i have checked the fuse, everything is grounded, and i can find no real answer to this problem! no power going to the orange wire that goes into the ignition coil???? is this a bad connection?? or shorted out somewhere? PLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO RIDE!!!!!!:atv:
So it starts when you jump the solenoid? Then is is 1 bad solenoid, 2 bad start button, or 3 bad wire somewhere in the start curcuit
no, it wants to! it never will turn over! it baffles me because it was riding fine, then just quit! and thank you for replying, im hoping it is just a bad start button. i hope its not the solenoid because i just replaced that thing like 3 months ago!!! AGGGH!
i know mine acts up, i have to fiddle with the red on/off toggle and then hit the start button. prolly dirty connections
Mine recently did the same thing,turned out it was a bad contact in the white plug that connects to the harness from the start button.
how did you fix that?? i cleaned all the connections and still nothing! :(

I found it by having the wife hold in the start button,and started playing with wires,when I got to that plug,and started moving it around,it turned over.

So I unplugged it,used a small flat precision screwdriver to "close" up the female ends of the plugs.Just put it above them and squeeze them down a bit,so when you click the plug together,the male ends are contacting better.

Dont squeeze them shut all the way,you won't be able to get the plug back together.

Hopefully helps...