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Sep 23, 2014
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Hey guys.

So... Today I was riding on my Warrior 350 and I noticed that my turning signals weren´t working properly. They were on but not blinking.

And when I got to home I started to test them and when the motor was off they were working properly, but when I turned the motor on the blinkers started to blink with a higher frequency and the more I accelerated the bigger the frequency was and it quickly gets to a point where you can´t see no blink just a constant light.

I have to say that they were installed by me, not on the most correct way, what I did was get the power straight from the battery to the relay and then from the relay to blinkers. I believe that I´m giving to much power to the relay, cause this only happens when the stator is producing energy (when the motor is on).

It´s weird cause I´ve rode it with the turning signals installed like that for 8 months with no problems until now...

If you can´t tell me a proper way to install the turning signals or way to fix the one that I´ve installed