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Sep 23, 2014
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Hey, Folks.

Today, I came from a small trip and when I came home I turned off my bike to open my house gate and then when I came back my warrior wouldn´t start for anything in this world.

Later on that day, after charging the battery I tested it to see if it started but I got nothing from it, I could only hear a clicking noise from the fuse, like it does when it blows up, but it didn't blew at any time.

I checked (Visually) if I had everything ok and I saw that I always had the neutral light but the front and rear lights and the turning signals that I installed were just working occasionally ( Sometimes I had them, sometimes didn´t have them), and I could also hear the blinkers relay working when I pressed the button even though I had no lights.

And when I press the button to start the bike the neutral light vanishes and when I stop pressing, the light comes back.

It´s really weird, so any help is welcome.
Good Rides Everyone.


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Jun 29, 2013
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Sounds like a weak battery or poor battery connection. Check and clean your battery connectors and terminals. I have actually broken a battery connection once because I was missing the battery strap across the top of the battery. This broken connector caused a similar intermittent problem, whenever it would bounce away from the battery. Also, check your cranking voltage. If it's low, you need to replace the battery.