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Aug 27, 2005
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smAlbany NY
Not sure if everyon has seen Deathshadows post regarding gettting new members in the Board anouncements, but this is my though on spreading the word:

Why not have club decals made with the web address?
They could be put on your quad or your vehicles window.

The Eclipse forum I belong to (Club3G.com) has had these made by DNL Autosports in a standard design as well as designs for each of the regional areas.

If you folks think this is a good idea I can head this up, they will do the design work if necessary and will also sell directly to members. (They'll keep the design on file and make them to order). So no Group Buy hassles, no one has to buy a bunch and try to sell them off...

Their webiste is www.dnlautosports.com

Ordering instructions http://www.dnlautosports.com/Merchant2/clubdecals.htm

Club Decal Samples http://www.dnlautosports.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=DECAL_CC

The samples page does not do them justice, the actual decals look much better. They are available in many colors, so if I want blue ones and someone else wants white, it's no problem.

They are a GREAT vendor (I do most of my ordering through them whenever possible) and are very attentive, answering emails promptly and shipping is fast.

Let me know what you guys think!
something like this with the web address under it??

Something like this maybe....


i was thinking of having the backround black, and then writing on fire, and then add some other affects.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!

yes, a sticker, not a billboard.

But I probably forgot to mention, DNL can only do 1 color decals.

My thought was maybe the text 'YFM350.com' with a graphic similar to what Evilhaze posted on the upper left...

Give me some more ideas and I'll throw something together
I am very pickey. So imo it would have to be white and blue or else it isn't going on my quad. I would simply just want the text. I wouldn't be to crazy about putting a huge decal on my quad. However I would put one on the back glass of my Blazer. But the decal can't be a full decal. I don't really know how to explain the stickers I like. You place them on the surface then there is a layer you pill off. I don't know that sounds fucked up. But I don't want some huge box sticker on anything I own.
yea i like stickers with a clear backround... i also like the script rather than a big picture of a quad or sumthin but theses are all good ideas guys
....... You place them on the surface then there is a layer you pill off. I don't know that sounds fucked up. But I don't want some huge box sticker on anything I own.

Those are the ones. The only thing that goes on the vehicle, quad, whetever is the actual design. It's not a big square with printing on it.

And you could order them in any color they have available.
I would rather spend a little extra money for the type 2xtreme posted a pic of rather than have a sticker that has a big black box behind white letters. I think the cutout vinyl type looks a lot better than paper stickers.
How about no graphics at all and a 1 line sticker made from www.stickerjunkie.com. The stickers are black background with white letters and its simple and cheaper.

I doubt that type can be made to order, which would require a group buy or someone ordering a bunch and trying to sell them off.

The ones I was referring to can be done in any color to match your bike, car, truck, whatever.

And the one pictured was a wopping $3.00. I don't know how much cheaper they need to be....