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Feb 24, 2013
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Harold, Kentucky
Nowadays it seems the 660's are getting just as bad name as the beloved warrior's, Seems like I always here tranny problems, they are top heavy, Yep they are top heavy and yep the 01's had tranny issues. Reason behind this thread is to actually show all the haters wrong about the Big bore thumpers!! I know they are a bit tippy but you can make these machines stable and reliable if done right I know stock form they are a lot of Pros and Cons. Ive owned several quads over the years and however this is not my favorite I still cant leave it alone. I ended up with this quad after being ripped off on a YFZ purchase I could have bought another 450 but had never owned a 660 so why not lets try it. The 660 was in boxes and totes when I got it, New Oil pump, new starter clutch, New stator, New piston and rings, was already installed by the previous owner it also came with a RPM Dominator axle and RAD billet locknut. The first month I redone the top end, All new hub, swingarm, bearings. To say the least I had only paid 1500 for the quad. Im gonna post before and after pics of the progress and all parts used on this build. My intentions was to build a woods monster and I have succeeded but still not finished. One last thing I pay my dues, I do my research and own work. All parts are paid for by me not sponsors, no mommy daddy handouts, Yes I will admit that I do get some discounts but no freebies, Lets check out the mod list on this POS CRAPTOR.

What sucks about the 660's, is if you do decide to keep one and make it compete it takes 3 times as much as it would 450. In all honesty my 350 is more reliable than my 660 but the speed and handling is no comparison. This winter Im gonna purchase another quad leaning towards a 05 trx450 but do I regret the 660 nahh if I wasn't financially able to maintain it I would probably hate it. They are High revving high maintenance machines.

Chassis | Suspension | Controls
Frame: 04 660
A Arms: Houser Racing +2's
Swingarm: Stock polished aluminum
Steering Stem: Houser Racing +1 antivibe
Stabilizer: Coming soon
Axle: LSR Axcalibar adjustable
Carrier: Polished with Pivot works bearings
Locknut: LSR Antifade locknut
Hubs F|R: YFZ fronts/ Stock rears painted
Bars: Fasstco. Flexx bars 14* Woods Quadracer bends
Throttle/Clutch Lever: YFZ throttle/ ASV Pro levers
Grips: ODI Rogue Lock ons
Nerfs: Proarmor XC's
Pegs: TRX450r Proarmor Maxi Misers
Bumper: Blingstar Victory
Grab Bar: Houser Racing Drop bar with number plate
Front Shocks: Elka stage 3's with Quadtech carbon fiber shrouds
Rear Shock: 02 660 stocker with GT Thunder XC link
Brake Pads: EBC's front and rear
Brake Lines: Galfer fronts, Streamlines rear
Rotors F|R: YFZ's / ALBA Wave with LSR Billet hub
Rims F|R: Hiper Tech3's With Hiper mudplugs
Tires F|R: ITP Quadcross / ITP Holeshot standard


Plastic: 04 Raptor SE, GYTR Carbon fiber shrouds, 700 Fiberglass custom hood
Graphics|Seat Cover: DFR Grip its / DMP Fade graphics with custom sponsor decals/ DMP Gripper
Number Backgrounds: Rear number plate
Handguards: Powermadds with RoxspeedFX billet clamps
Bar Pad: Fasstco. Fasst Flexx
Fuel Tank: Stock with Blingstar billet cap / IMS Vent tube
Skids plates: Belly don't have yet / Rear Moose Racing
Lighting: PIAA H6M Extreme whites

Engine|Drive System

Cylinder Head: Stock cylinder
Gaskets: Cometic
Piston: Wiseco 11:1
Cam|Valves Springs: Stage 1 Hotcam / Stock
Bore & Stroke: 102mm / Stock rod
Displacement: 686cc
Carburetor: Dual 33's with Dynojet kit
Spark plug: NGK IridiumIX with AMR Monster coil
Stator: OEM
Shifter: Prodesign billet
Air Filter|Box: Hetricks Racing National intake K/N with Outerwear / UM Aluminum box
Header|Silencer: Curtis Sparks XC Bigcore with DEI Header wrap
Clutch|Plates|Springs: Hinson complete kit
Gearing F|R: Vortex 12 / SunStar 42
Chain: Regina Z ring
CDI|Killswitch: DynaFS / Proarmor
Cooling: Mishimoto oversized radiator / CV4 hoses / Modquad temp inline / Engine Ice
Other: Yuasa Grizzly battery, Magnum anodized banjo bolts, OMF Aluminum radiator shrouds, Modquad stainless grill, Modquad throttle cover, Blingstar front master cover, Modquad rear reservoir cover, Modquad starter cover, Modquad chain guard, Blingstar Imspection plugs, ModQuad Carb Idle cover, Modquad oil filter cover, TM Designworks Slide n Guide kit without rear guide, RIS designs oil plug, Pivotworks stem, axle, hub, swingarm bearings, UPP Racing shock mounts, TM Designworks a arm bushings. Engine Ice. Motionpro clutch cable. Crankcase breather. LSR Billet brake line clamps, LSR block off plate. Fasstco. brake kit

Coming soon Fasst Flexx bars, Hump seat and graphics, Revalved rear shock.
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I clipped a tree and broke the top mounts on the PRM bumper so I got a Blingstar DC racer.

In this pic below I had switched bumpers again to a Blingstar Victory, Also found some new GYTR carbon fiber headlight guards Very Rare part'', Also a new wide grab bar and Carbon Fiber hood

Thanks man!! I find myself often staring at others quads in shock, They are some sick builds/quads on here. Some guys are so close minded its sad, Seems as if you don't have what they have its not good enough lol, I pity those types.

I took alittle break earlier to clear my head, Heres more pics from where I left off.

Pic below is with YFZ450 shocks,

LSR Antifade locknut and ALBA Rotor

Houser +1 stem with antivibe

If you use a YFZ450 04 to 09 grab bar you have to cut a lil but off the ends so it will fit, I was gonna sale it and buy a Houser drop bar, still might later this winter.

Ditched the GYTR headlight shrouds and got some OMF aluminum shrouds.

Finally got some a arms, Lucked into these, Houser Racing was having a discontinued winter sale. All new powdercoat and logos, Also new TM Designworks bushings. All I didn't get new was the ball joints but they gave me some old Fraps for free.

Scored a deal on some EBC brakes, I get them for $10 a set

Regina Z ring complete kit, I liked this chain so much I bought a separate one for my 350.

ODI Ruffians
Figured I would finish it up to where it is today,

LSR Axcalibar adjustable axle

By far one of the rarest items ive bought for this quad, These are GYTR carbon fiber shrouds. The last set on Ebay sold for 236 bucks on auction. I got them from a fellow WEXCR racer for $75

LSR Billet rotor hub

TM Designworks a arm bushings

Proarmor Maxi Misers for a TRX450r

ELKA Stage 3's

Ive been searching for a pro armor like my Warrior for my 660. Looks sweet on there. Also so far ive only done +2 LSR arms with works fronts and hub spacers in rear. I fell that if rode right its not all that tippy like everyone told me. I also ate it two times but was easily able to save it.
Damn nice Raptor Tim. You really transformed it. I'm not much of a Raptor guy (more of a YFZ guy) but I really like what you, Geeess and BK have done with them. Hell I might have to get one to add to the herd. lol
BK And Geeess saved me, I was so close to selling It, I swear I was gonna keep the shocks and a few things and buy a 450. Lloyd I love it but i would be lying if i said i didn't want a 450 lol, not that im gonna sell the raptors they are staying Its got to the point where im about done with both builds and need something else to work on and mod.

Geeess I scored that bumper off Ebay for around $40 bucks, Yours and BK's quads are badass in so many ways, I knew when you got them they was gonna be sick. As for what you have done so far its insane, LSR's are top shelf arms.
Thanks Ed!!! Your brakeline kit and decals are suppose to arrive Monday.

I like the sleeper looks Geeess, BK is buying my rear ITP Bajas tonight or tomorrow, So you will most likely get his rear DWT's. BK got robbed from QOTM on Raptorforum, its a joke I don't understand people.

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