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  1. V

    Yamaha Raptor 350cc

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum, wanted to know if there are any videos that shows to remove the carb as I have not started my ATV in over 4 years and decided to get it going
  2. Beastmode17

    ISO Blingstar Rodeo Front + Rear bumper for 04 to 08 YFZ

    Wanting to buy a used Blingstar Rodeo front and rear bumper for YFZ450, Black or polished doesn't matter.
  3. E

    z400 carb

    Looking to get a z400 carburetor and a raptor 350 intake manifold. Let me know what ya got!
  4. Beastmode17

    Raptor 686 XC/Trail Progress

    Nowadays it seems the 660's are getting just as bad name as the beloved warrior's, Seems like I always here tranny problems, they are top heavy, Yep they are top heavy and yep the 01's had tranny issues. Reason behind this thread is to actually show all the haters wrong about the Big bore...
  5. Beastmode17


    I have finally decided to do a build thread, Although I already have it modded, Theres always stuff left to do. I will include pics of start to finish, Parts before and after, Its been a long process. When I first bought it the clutch was out, No headlights and already had the Biggun EvoX...
  6. CarolusRex98

    Placement O' headlights

    Ok so I'm about to pimp-my-warrior and I was wondering if there's away to move the headlights down to like wer a raptor of banshees is , if not are there lights you can buy that go there , thanks!!!
  7. J

    WTB: Tool Kit, pressure gauge - plug socket

    Hello everyone, I'm looking a tool kit to put in my raptor 350 I just recently got. More specifically, I need a low pressure tire gauge and spark plug sock tool, but I'm willing to buy the whole kit. Let me know!
  8. shark

    new tires

    Hi, I have already asked this on the raptor forum but I figured that I would ask it here too since there are more people with 350s on here. I want to know what tires you guys run and how do you like them. I am looking for a set of rear tires that will last long and hold up on the trail. I...
  9. Robstar

    Alba Pro-Elite nerf bars. Pics, review, etc.

    Hey guys, I just got some nerf bars on my Raptor 350 and I had some questions about them before I purchased so I thought I'd post up some pics and reviews to help anyone that might have similar questions. Granted these are on a Raptor 350 I figure they're close enough to the Warrior that it will...
  10. 0

    07 350 raptor clicking noise help

    i herd that you guys are the best people to ask about help with stuff about the 350s so here it goes. i have a 2007 raptor 350se as far as i know the thing is all stock besides the stage 2 hotcam it has in it. what i was wonering is why would it make a loud clicking noise and not have as much...