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    Parts For Sale Warrior 350 Carbon Fiber items

    We are starting to make carbon fiber parts. we have 2 currently for sale with a 3rd in development and more to come. https://zoomzoomparts.com/pages/search-results-page?q=carbon+fiber


  3. V

    Yamaha Raptor 350cc

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum, wanted to know if there are any videos that shows to remove the carb as I have not started my ATV in over 4 years and decided to get it going
  4. R

    Harness help

    I am working on a 97 warrior and picked up a 99 warrior harness. I need pictures to show routing and pig tail connections if someone could email them to me at r a y m c g r a d y 8 1 @ g m a i l . C o m. Im a picture person my self. So any help would be very appreciative. Im new to the warrior...
  5. Piteriuz

    Warrior 350 - speedometer

    I’m thinking about buying a speedometer for Yamaha Warrior 350 (2004) and I don’t know which one to choose. Could you send me links to them, please? I’m thinking about buying TRAILTECH VAPOR, but how to install it?
  6. A

    New Member in Arizona

    Hello all, Chris from Tucson Arizona here. Just picked up a single seat buggy powered by a warrior motor. It had some issues when I bought it. The owner re-jetted to a 170 main so it ran like s*** at the top end. 2 days ago it stopped running. I found I had lost spark and tracked to down to...
  7. Beastmode17

    Where have I been??

    Fellow 350 members I know its been awhile since I have been on, I have had tons of stuff going on. I just recently went in partners with a buddy and bought out a Quad company that closed its doors, I have tons of New old stock inventory, 90% of the parts are for 450's however. Speaking of 450's...
  8. Beastmode17

    Front end friday!!! Lets see em

    Seen this all over the net today from several sites and Forums, Thought it would be cool to do it here. Lets see them fronts.
  9. blackandproud14

    Warrior parts needed

    I have a 1997 warrior need plastics tires back brakes bars grips seat if you have any extra parts message meand we could work out a deal
  10. shark

    new tires

    Hi, I have already asked this on the raptor forum but I figured that I would ask it here too since there are more people with 350s on here. I want to know what tires you guys run and how do you like them. I am looking for a set of rear tires that will last long and hold up on the trail. I...
  11. 0

    07 350 raptor clicking noise help

    i herd that you guys are the best people to ask about help with stuff about the 350s so here it goes. i have a 2007 raptor 350se as far as i know the thing is all stock besides the stage 2 hotcam it has in it. what i was wonering is why would it make a loud clicking noise and not have as much...
  12. Sbaugh

    2001 Parts Wolverine 350

    I am new to this forum since I recently purchased my first Wolverine. shortly after I purchased it I bought a parts Wolverine to use it for parts for my 05. I have a few items that I am keeping but the rest need to go. I was informed it was a 2001 when I purchased it and that Engine worked...
  13. We1Dont7Die

    '00 warrior ignition coil

    Spare ignition coil for sale $10, $6 shipping. PM Me
  14. GrimtownJuggalo

    Yamaha Warrior Wont Start with Start Button

    all the lights work! it will want to start when jumping the solenoid! i have checked the fuse, everything is grounded, and i can find no real answer to this problem! no power going to the orange wire that goes into the ignition coil???? is this a bad connection?? or shorted out somewhere...