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2006 Wolvy

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Mar 3, 2011
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I just bought my 06 in March 2011 and my first upgrade is a rear rack. I do a lot of trail riding and love the cooler. I am also interested in the rear bags also. Cheap ones perform cheaply, it seems. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks
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I got a rack through Yamaha that Wapiti1 had put on his wifes wolvy,check out his and my pics,and it not only looks great but fits easy and all I did was paint it to match my bumper Wapiti! has the link to the dealer with the best price and they were great to work with.
The stock rear rack from a 95-05 wolvy works great! It sits a little high, but I like it. Your will need to cut small holes in the plastic for the front mounts and drill bolts holes in the chassis piece beside the exhaust. Bolt about a 3/8" piece of flat metal here to extend the front mounts up, or else your rack will tilt WAY forward.

This rack works good for the 2006 wolverine, I think it is made by quad boss. They also make a rear box/ seat that straps on top of the rack. They are both made to fit the wolverine so easy to install

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