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    Parts For Sale Zoom Zoom Parts - ADJUSTABLE DIRECT SHIFTER FOR WARRIOR/RAPTOR 350 (fits oil cooler mod)
  2. CableDWG2000

    Storage on the Wolverine

    I made a custom storage tube and cooler holder to go on my Wolverine. It has three dry compartments. Back one for tools, the one on the left is for the tow strap and tree savor strap, the right side will be for keeping miscellaneous stuff dry (hand towel, wallet,keys,first aid,etc.) Total cost...
  3. We1Dont7Die

    '95 big bear oil cooler

    Selling the oil cooler parts I purchased a while back to install on my '00 warrior, I never got around to installing it. I have the following parts which are pictured below: 14 1YW-13461-01-00 PLATE, ADAPTOR 15 1YW-13497-00-00 PLUG 16 90501-082E3-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION 17...
  4. 2

    What is The Best Rear Rack

    I just bought my 06 in March 2011 and my first upgrade is a rear rack. I do a lot of trail riding and love the cooler. I am also interested in the rear bags also. Cheap ones perform cheaply, it seems. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks