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    Upgraded dual piston rear brake assemblies now ready!
  3. CarolusRex98

    Tightening suspention???

    How do i tighten my shocks -thank you
  4. shark

    new tires

    Hi, I have already asked this on the raptor forum but I figured that I would ask it here too since there are more people with 350s on here. I want to know what tires you guys run and how do you like them. I am looking for a set of rear tires that will last long and hold up on the trail. I...
  5. 2

    What is The Best Rear Rack

    I just bought my 06 in March 2011 and my first upgrade is a rear rack. I do a lot of trail riding and love the cooler. I am also interested in the rear bags also. Cheap ones perform cheaply, it seems. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks