What did you do to your quad today?

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Jan 24, 2011
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A fun post from another forum I belong to. So what did you do to your quad today?
To start things off- installed new black Maier rear fenders, and installed a new rear caliper, pads and stainless line set up. Also enjoyed getting the new fenders a little dirty :)
Must be nice to have nice shiny black fenders haha. I actually had some time to tear up the snow! Rode it for about 20 min, and put it away wet. To lazy to clean it. Wrote me up a list of parts i still want.:iagree:
got my new msr clutch lever in today! getting my last part for my rappy clutch tomorrow since it was delayed on shipping and gonna put it all together friday! oh and ill get my stator cover friday to, cant wait to install it all!
Installed a new exhaust clamp, polished the supertrapp silencer, and painted the rear hubs metallic flake red, and oiled my UNI filter. Need a new rear rotor yet and some new 90+ spindles.
Well I rode mine today! Thats more than I've been doing because of the weather.