Piece of crap putters, but wont start...

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Oct 5, 2012
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East Sparta Ohio
Ok im beyond pissed right now so bear with me, i haven't got to ride in 3 days and i finally get the chance, so i get the warrior out and try to start it, the piece of crap will keep making the electric start sound and every now and they will go, pa... Pa... Pa, but wont start, the CDI is pretty much new, re-charged the battery a week ago, and it wont start, has gas and all, I'm mad, what the hell is wrong with it, sorry for my language I'm just really mad...
Sounds like weak spark or your flywheel isn't spinning fast enough , try unplugging the little voltage meter on the left of the cdi box and try starting it and plug it back in if it doesn't work
Charge the battery again. Could be bad. Also make sure your relay solenoid wires are all tight
I couldn't for the Hell of me figure out what was wrong with mine lil while back and sure enough. That's what It was
Always the simple things. I stalled out about 2 miles away from help on the trails . Tried to start bike would only get a click click sound so i started to walk back for help/tow then I thought i should try to check for simple issues check the batt cables come to find out my neg wire was not fully touching the terminal . I would have been pissed if I walked all 2miles for nothing

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