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  1. T

    Warrior 350 - Electrical Problems

    Hey, Folks. Today, I came from a small trip and when I came home I turned off my bike to open my house gate and then when I came back my warrior wouldn´t start for anything in this world. Later on that day, after charging the battery I tested it to see if it started but I got nothing from it...
  2. CarolusRex98

    He touched my quad...

    He toched my quad... He started it, no damage to my bike just the hog...
  3. CarolusRex98

    Piece of crap putters, but wont start...

    Ok im beyond pissed right now so bear with me, i haven't got to ride in 3 days and i finally get the chance, so i get the warrior out and try to start it, the piece of crap will keep making the electric start sound and every now and they will go, pa... Pa... Pa, but wont start, the CDI is pretty...
  4. 0

    07 350 raptor clicking noise help

    i herd that you guys are the best people to ask about help with stuff about the 350s so here it goes. i have a 2007 raptor 350se as far as i know the thing is all stock besides the stage 2 hotcam it has in it. what i was wonering is why would it make a loud clicking noise and not have as much...
  5. BornWithNoBrains

    Crash before and after pics..

    the ball joint snapped right off and i almoast rolled it lol...some how my skillz let me keep the front end up...i was 5th gear pinned Before AFTER
  6. BornWithNoBrains

    whats a cheap but good pipe?

    i was thinking about getting a hmh but i only have 200$ to spend on a pipe so i was lookin at the fmf powercore 4 slipon and its 199.99 so im going to prob buy that and jet my carb what do you guys think?
  7. BornWithNoBrains

    Winter Project.

    okay im tearing down my warrior soon. im going to take it all the way down to the frame. then im painting the frame blue, im getting lonestar racing +2 A-arms and a +3 Swingarm, Then im gonna get grease fitted hubs all the way around. then im going to get Maxxis Mx series tires all the way...
  8. BornWithNoBrains

    selling some stuff/ update on my quad!

    what im selling soon....i have to make an account on ebay and wait ect. ____ LIST ----- #1 black hand guards [25$]-need painted. #2 blue front fenders [52$]-good condition no cracks just needs cleaned. #3 back black plastics [35$]-no cracks but painted. #4 custom front hood [25$]-it has...
  9. BornWithNoBrains

    update on my quad

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmIxAt_fN9A i only am 16 and i get paid 240 every 2 weeks so im slowly fixin this quad up it was stock, the engine was locked up and it had bent A-arms.... so i stripped it down and built it up...the old quad in the shed in the video is my old one that i...
  10. BornWithNoBrains

    hey guys

    i just got sponsored by snyder powersports :) i got a number kit, a graphics kit, and tomorrow im getting nerf bars and handle guards :) im siked!!!
  11. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    Can you?...

    can you use any soleinoid for a 350 warrior? im going to try to use a lawnmower solenoid ? my is dead and is just clicking now.....also when it clicks? like the whole solenoid is clicking does that mean its fried?
  12. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    my quad

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFdZvGNWw4o dont make fun of me i know i look funny...but i dont care, also it is a 01 warrior and i was just doing my weekly warm up. stuff wrong with my bike include *bent axel *loose clutch cable *need new A-arms *gear lever is held on by chicken wire...