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  1. K

    Starting problems. HELP please

    I can't cant start the engine basically. The starter turns but the motor doesn't. Spark is good. I have a pull start on it and the engine turns. With plug out i can confirm that the engine has compression. With the plug out and starter going I have nothing coming out of the spark plug hole. Kill...
  2. CarolusRex98

    Piece of crap putters, but wont start...

    Ok im beyond pissed right now so bear with me, i haven't got to ride in 3 days and i finally get the chance, so i get the warrior out and try to start it, the piece of crap will keep making the electric start sound and every now and they will go, pa... Pa... Pa, but wont start, the CDI is pretty...
  3. CarolusRex98

    Dirtbike wint start HELP!!!

    Ok its about a dirtbike not a warrior , i know ive herd plenty of stuff in this forum that wasnt warrior or raptor related So ok, ive got this dirtbike everything on it is working but i kick it and kick it and it wont run, does anyone know how to fix it or have any tips on how to kick it...