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  1. W

    A silly question.. air filter and box??? HELP

    Hello all, I noticed when i pulled the seat off this morning that the airbox lid is not screwed down properly and the original screws are not in it. Is this a problem if it is not sealed properly? Also how do i clean my air filter? Thanks
  2. CarolusRex98

    Extended air box snorkle for yamaha warrior???

    There are extended snorkles that come from airboxes for going in deeper water, i wanna put some on my warrior, ive seen them befor they come out the front fenders and look like stacks on a truck, does anyone know how i could do that to my warrior, and the picture shows what they look like on a...
  3. CarolusRex98

    Clip on air-filter

    People showed me a clip on airfilter , and i was wondering if you runn it with out the lid like it sayed , what happend when watter gets in it , and if anyone has more info and pictures of one please share it , thanks
  4. CarolusRex98

    K&N filters???

    Ok my buddy just got K&N filters in his '87 banshee , I've got UNIs and he used to have UNIs and he says the K&Ns are better , so the point is , is should I keep my UNIs or get K&Ns , also if you know and good aftermarket box CLOSED lids it would help