Help me build a super tough axle and swingarm combo.

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Feb 21, 2012
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London ON
I need to build or buy the strongest rear swing arm and axle I can find. I do have a budget that i want to have it done for. I'd like to keep it under $700.

The reason I need a stronger rear end is because of the R6 engine I have in my warrior. I want to be able to use the hp I have. Since installing the big motor I've warn out the splines on the sprocket hub and wheel hubs. I dont want to just keep trying to find more stock parts to destroy as everything just works loose after a few rides. The Sprocket hub on my bike right now is glued on with JB weld so i dont think i'll ever get that one off.

Should I switch to all Banshee axle parts? There are tons of axles hubs and carriers available both new and used more plentiful and cheaper then warrior parts.

If Banshee axle, round carrier, brake, and sprocket are used I'll have to build a hybrid swing arm. It will need a Warrior pivot tube and extended banshee rear to hold the round carrier. Does anyone know of a good shap that can make one up on a jig.

I'd love to hear some ideas guys, help me spend some money (my budget is not set in stone I'm just trying to spend less then more.)

I want to build it right the first time rather then redoing it next spring.
Well axle wise you will want either a durablue axle or some other high strenght aftermarket option
Yah but with the power he's pushing the stock carrier mounts will give way. We had chatted about this before.
You can use a modded Banshee round carrier swinger from the swingarm shop, and use a 40mm axle. The 40mm round carriers are way cheaper. You can get 40mm tusk axles pretty cheap as well.

The main thing I think of is that Banshee guys put over 100hp to the 40mm drag axles. I'm sure they could handle what we could throw at em'.

Also I could build the whole Banshee setup up with the swingarm, carrier, axle, and sprocket/rotor hubs for around $650 bucks. All new, except for the hubs. Try to build a 50mm round carrier setup for that....
Durablue axle for a 700r with 90mm carrier and 700r swingarm
The 700r swinger won't work.
The mount for the shock linkage is in the wrong spot. It would cost more to modify the 700 swinger, than having the banshee swinger built. (Which would be new, and have a warranty.)
Not to mention the demand for the 700 carriers. Their not cheap!
Your gonna want a bigger axle, that motor is around130horse get a yfz axle and round house carrier, send it to Scott, he can build what you want.
Your gonna want a bigger axle, that motor is around130horse get a yfz axle and round house carrier, send it to Scott, he can build what you want.
I dunno if he would really need a bigger axle?
Like I was say'n. The Banshee guys make over 100hp, and run nos on those 40mm axles. But the crotch rocket motor does make way more torque. I don't think a larger axle would hurt anything. lol
I was just giving him a cheap way to do it, cause the bigger stuff will be more expensive.
Yea, but from experience, the banshee stuff is easier to brake and the bearings wear quicker, the yfz stuff is supper strong and you can use warrior sprocket and rotor hubs if I remember right.
Yea, but from experience, the banshee stuff is easier to brake and the bearings wear quicker, the yfz stuff is supper strong and you can use warrior sprocket and rotor hubs if I remember right.
Well you could be right. I'm not gonna argue that with ya. But I'm not talking stock stuff here.
The carrier I'm looking at is a twin row, and stock Banshee axles are 35mm. The 40mm stuff is a bit better.

I'm still looking to save weight where I can, that's really my main reason for wanting the banshee stuff.
Well you do know a warrior axle is 40mm right? lol
A tusk axle is plenty strong.. It's the stock swingarm, and carrier design that fails in my opinion.
I feel that simply upgrading to a round housing, and dual row carrier would be all you really need to do in higher HP situations.
I like hearing the ideas you guys have. Right now I'm thinking i'm going to drive to Motor City ATV in Michigan and see what he has for aftermarket Banshee stuff. I can get a used aftermarket axle (durablue, g-force) new aluminum round twin row carrier, and all the other hubs from him. After i have the axle in hand I can have a swing arm built. This is more or less Mathius idea of what to do.


There is stock a yfz450 axle and swing arm for sale locally on kijiji that I can get for $200 that may be the best place to start.
Yah man check out motor city, and see what you can find?
Like even if you end up with 35mm stuff, as long as you have the honda style carrier it'll be way tougher than what we have. lol

Let me know what you find there? If you come across some good deals, I might have to hit you up.
I know they have one thing I want.

It's only a 35mm, but thats all I need. Even after I get my new 2nd gen topend, I should still be under 60hp. (maybe?)
That's on my shopping list, he has the carriers new and in stock. I've been to his shop before, EVERYTHING Banshee is available. He has complete rideable bikes he parts out.
I made a purchase today, this is the start of my new Warrior rear end.


I paid $200 for this from a local guy off kijiji. Its the axle and carrier from an 06 yfz 450. It has a couple nicks on the axle and it needs a couple new studs on the wheel hubs. My warrior is more then 20 years old and the design shows that age. The 450 rear is significantly tighter then any of the warrior stuff I've seen. There is absolutely zero play on any of the splines. I sure hope it stays that way after a few thousand kms of trail riding.

I'm going to check it out more closely tomorrow, pull the axle out of the carrier and make a few measurements. My plan right now is to buy a round carrier swing arm for a warrior and modify it if required. The rear sprocket needs line up with the engine sprocket. Next is to find out if the Warrior brake will bolt on, if not I'll find a yfz one on ebay. I also need to buy a large (45-48T) rear sprocket to fit the 4 bolt yfz hub.

I'm not sure if I'll have to cut up a new swing arm to get it to work so i don't want to burn a ton of cash on a costly swinger. Maybe i'll just buy a cheap one from the swingarmshop and see how it holds together. I can have one of the other shops build me a good one once i know how it will fit together.

How long of a swinger should I go for? +2 is my plan so far.

The YFZ 450 axle is about 1" longer then the stock YFM axle.

Send the guys at the swingarm shop an email. Tell them what you have, and what you want to do. He would probably fab you up a decent swinger for around $250-300 bucks.
Any purpose built "warrior" round housing swinger (like an LSR) will cost twice that, just for a used one.

I still wanna see what you come up with here, (even if you went with a different design) lol.
More progress, I just got a Houser swinger for a YFZ450 off kijiji. It's going to need some work to get the suspension link to hook up but I'm sure it's the strongest option I have for a round carrier swinger on a warrior. I'll take some progress pics as I fit it to the warrior.