all foward gears slipping/grinding

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May 15, 2014
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portland, OR
Hey all i'm new to this forum and hoping im writing this in the correct place. let me know if im doing something wrong.

a few months ago i bought a 1997 warrior 350. the case was broken and everything was apart. i decided to replace the case. i replaced everything and everything seemed to work fine.

but now after i put the motor on the frame and hooked everything up, i put it in first gear and i can pretty much freely turn the wheels and there is a clicking/grinding sound coming from the tranny. this happens to all forward gears, reverse works fine and holds firm, it feels like it wants to grab on but then slips or something. i thought it was the clutch, took the clutch off and hold the shaft while spinning wheels, same thing happens. im thinking it may be the reverse shifter not going far enough to engage to forward gears but im not sure how far its supposed to go. getting frustrated,:argh: have no idea what is happening. any suggestions or help greatly appreciated. thanx.
adjust the reverse/forward lever it's not engaging all the way into forward
the adjusting screws are rusted, but ill try to adjust it, i took off the lever and tried pushing the shifter down but i dont think it will go down any more.
take it off and soak it in pb blaster for a day or so then try to break it loose, but be careful not to bend or break anything theyre thin
try playing with it while it's running put it in 1st gear and work the lever forward as you let out the clutch a little and it should pop into forward
ok, got it to adjust, but the shifter still wont budge past a certain point and i dont hear it click into forward. im i suppost to hear it click like it does when i put it into reverse?
when you swapped the cases did you make sure the ball bearing and spring for the reverse drum didn't fall out?
you mean the little ball and spring under the bolt above the case? i have those, but inside the case, i dont remember it having any spring of some sort? where does it go? and whats it for?
yep it's part of the reverse mech that bolt on top of the case back by the reverse linkage the ball bearing goes in then the spring and bolt but you have to do it with the motor on one side otherwise the bearing will fall down inside the motor
do you think theres a chance that i did something wrong when putting it together ? i dont think i did, but im no expert.
alright i started in up, played with the lever and the shifter i couldnt figure anything out. the reverse shifter just wont go anymore. and when i start letting go of the clutch, the forward gears start grinding. im stuck i dont know what to try anymore. maybe i need to replace the reverse drum? i remember it was pretty hard to move it when i was putting the cases together, but didnt realize it would be this hard.
Have you tried adjusting the linkage on the shifter it could be set to short so your not getting all the way into gear mine did the same thing I tore the whole motor appart looking for the problem and all I needed to do was adjust that link
yes i adjusted it and made it longer.
but still using all my strength to push the lever further but it just wont go.
Well normally letting the gears grind is how I get the reverse shifter to go back to the forward position I get it to the halfway spot shift into first then let off the clutch liberally untill i can push it back into forward.