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  1. Banshee350Warrior

    Clutch slippage?

    My 98 warrior has been a super reliable quad since I got it, but it’s had a constant problem since I bought it. The clutch seems to slip and jump when I give her a bit of throttle. I’ve changed the oil twice, and replaced the clutch as well. I now only hops in third gear. I can’t seem to figure...
  2. Motorsporteiros

    Transmission behaving strangely

    Hey guys, so, my 2007 Raptor 350r is behaving strangely when it warms up and i try to shift a gear ( driving normally), the shift pedal becames very stiff to push and pull. Another problem that I am having is the reverse. Most of the times when I try to pull and bring back the reverse lever...
  3. T

    Hard do push in neutral?

    Hi guys I'm new here but have been using lots of great Information off of here for the last 2 years I've had my warrior. Just after this last ride my warrior became a lot harder to push when in neutral. This is in the engine forum not the suspension forum because with the chain off the axle...
  4. M

    all foward gears slipping/grinding

    Hey all i'm new to this forum and hoping im writing this in the correct place. let me know if im doing something wrong. a few months ago i bought a 1997 warrior 350. the case was broken and everything was apart. i decided to replace the case. i replaced everything and everything seemed to...
  5. bluethunder86

    shifting is easy, slips when you gun it though

    im sure this has been brought up before in different threads but i need straight answers. its an 88 warrior 350 the oil has been changed and so has the filter. i start the atv and let it warm up, doesnt take long because its about 50 here. i can get on and shift into first and take off slowly...