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    finding neutral easier and shorter shifting solution - prototype in works and testing

    worked out a solution to the issues most of us have finding neutral. newly designed shift star helps eliminate that issue and with the rounded edges helps with smoother faster shifting. 3 of these are currently being tested and initial results are great! smoother shifting points and easier to...
  2. H

    No spark need help

    I have a 2005 raptor 350, bought it with no spark and a fresh rebuild. Didn’t want to spend the $375 on an oem stator so I cheaped out and bought the eBay kit with the stator, starter solenoid, pickup coil and ignition coil. I’ve replaced everything and I’m getting some intermittent spark, so I...
  3. Yama_Frisk

    96’ “RED WARRIOR”

    Chassis | Suspension | Controls Frame: Coated Black with Welded Gussets A Arms: +2 Full-Flight Elite Swingarm: Stock with TM Design Works Slide-n-Glide Steering Stem: +2 Lonestar Anti-Vibe, JLS Billet Steering Stem Mount Stabilizer: GPR Steering Damper with custom Mount Axle: Durablue +2 to +4...
  4. jeep5man7

    Yamaha Warrior Rebuild Youtube Series

    Check out my Youtube series on rebuilding a Yamaha Warrior 350! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-hOV5EnXVfeh0oxYjjO9nPAU9qNI2EvL
  5. T

    Oil Drain Plug

    Hey. Got a quick question. Does anyone knows a cheaper alternative to the OEM oil drain plug for the Warrior 350 ?
  6. T

    Quick Valves Question

    Hey ;) I´m going to do a valve clearance adjustment but I would like to know if this (http://www.yfm350.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20507) manual has the correct mesaures for a 1999 Warrior 350 Model ? Btw wich are the model years that this manual works to ?
  7. T

    Warrior 350 - Electrical Problems

    Hey, Folks. Today, I came from a small trip and when I came home I turned off my bike to open my house gate and then when I came back my warrior wouldn´t start for anything in this world. Later on that day, after charging the battery I tested it to see if it started but I got nothing from it...
  8. C

    New to the forum!

    Hello all! I'm from Portugal, 27 years old and finally managed to get quad! I bought a Warrior 350 from ´98, cost me 1500€. I had to change the "Carb boot intake flange" (it's kind of hard to name the parts in english for me, but i'll get used to it!) because it was broken in half, got some...
  9. J

    Looking for a warrior 350 engine

    Please help I'm looking for a running warrior 350 engine if so a 2000 or newer that I can just drop in my quad. I was ridding on sunday-funday and I think the top end went on it or the hole thing i cant tell. but I would rather just drop a new one in and keep it moving then trying to rebuild it...
  10. T

    Clutch Engagement

    Hi. So.. My Warrior, is with some weird problem that I will start to explain. More or less 4 weeks ago my clutch was spinning so I changed the Clutch Disks and everything was running great again. But, 2 weeks ago I was riding and I had to make a sudden stop and I stopped at 3rd gear and...
  11. T

    Quad Tires

    Does anyone knows these tires brand and model ?
  12. N

    warrior 350 wont start

    Bought a 95 yahama warrior 350 running but needed a carb rebuild. I did that and started it right up and let it run for 20 min then it died and would not start back up. Replaced the stator, pick up coil, ignition coil. Has a blue spark and is getting fuel and won't push start. It just cranks...
  13. J

    Carb help!!!! Please and thank you

    so recently bought a new carburetor for my 1998 warrior. The brand of the carburetor is Niche. it has two adjustable screws the air and mixture screw. I bolted it on and started it up and started idling. the problem is when you give it gas it either stales or it will putter. when i can get the...
  14. Beastmode17

    Front end friday!!! Lets see em

    Seen this all over the net today from several sites and Forums, Thought it would be cool to do it here. Lets see them fronts.
  15. J

    FS White brothers slip on exhaust

    I bought a white brothers exhaust for my 01 warrior and never put it on. I live in northern Ohio and do not want to mess with shipping if I don't have to. You can either message me or text me since I don't get on here that much. It's in good shape. When I bought it, there was a terrible repair...
  16. Ranger1997

    Full HMF exhaust!

    I have purchased a 2002 yfm warrior 350 from a close friend wih a feshly rebulit top end and a FULL HMF PIPE!!! I know many people say its not possible but it seems to be. No other signs of another make, just seems to fit (header and silener) togather perfectly! Check it out it was expensive...
  17. Wildgasgas

    New user from Barcelona

    Hello everyone, Some youtube friends told me there was a yamaha warrior / yfm 350 forum, so here I am, introducing myself :) My father bought a warrior in 1999, since then I grew up riding quads however my first quad race was in 2011. I had a yfz450 and now I ride my dad's old warrior and a...
  18. T

    please help, 379 hot rods stroker

    ok im new to messing with the internal engine parts. i have what i believe is a 91 warrior. i want to put in the hot rods +4mm crank(379cc). i am unsure on what piston to get. hot rods says you have to use their piston(P3001), i know you can use other pistons as i have seen it on this site. i am...
  19. D

    01 yamaha warrior valve adjustment problem

    i had recently purchased an 01 yamaha warrior. After riding a while i started noticing a ticking. It sounded like it was an out of adjustment valve. I started tearing into it and sure enough the intake valve was way out of adjustment. The problem was caused due to the lack of a jam nut so it...