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  1. T

    Warrior 350 - Electrical Problems

    Hey, Folks. Today, I came from a small trip and when I came home I turned off my bike to open my house gate and then when I came back my warrior wouldn´t start for anything in this world. Later on that day, after charging the battery I tested it to see if it started but I got nothing from it...
  2. T

    Wiring issues please help!

    So here it goes. I am new to this whole forum thing and a new owner to a warrior. I picked up a 2001 warrior on craigslist rather xheap. When I got it, the wiring harness was all ripped then taped back together. The bike would turn over but had no spark. So I just ordered a new stator and pick...
  3. B

    87 warrior reverse light always on/no start??

    i am at my wits end with this quad...my problem is the reverse light is on and nothing happens when i hit start, when i pull in clutch and hit start nothing happens...the bike has brand new stator and neutral/reverse switches. the stater has been benched tested, solenoid is working, i have...
  4. W

    1987 warrior wont start

    My warrior is really starting to piss me off :p. I replaced the starter/solenoid, and the 15 amp fuse. the ignition coil has a thin wire that comes out the side and it doesnt have a connector on it, there is an orange wire and a brown wire coming from the CDI and they dont have connectors...
  5. W

    1987 warrior wiring and fuel problems... please help, im so new to this

    this is my first post and i love this site! i am having some problems with my warrior... i picked up the bike for 100 bucks like a month ago and it apparently needed a top end rebuild (really just the exhaust valve and timing chain.) so now ive got it all shiny and hooked up but i cant for the...
  6. J

    Another "No Power" question. Odd...

    So the saga continues with my '87 Warrior 350. I was getting ready to replace my stator due to a no charge issue with a test that showed a bad stator. I got home from work last week and my pull starter (thank you Mathius-you rock), my stator and gasket and clymer manual were awaiting my...
  7. cjohnsey21

    Lighting Suggestions

    Im pretty new to the warrior world and recently got a 95 and did a few things to it. My next real step is getting some lighting on it, it has no rear tail or headlights. I really don't think its worth while to find and purchase a stock headlight assembly. I got a pretty good budget for a nice...
  8. b_riggs04

    starting problems

    ok guys i have a problem i cant point a finger at, it first started with my starter button quit workin an i havent really had time to mess with it so i jus grabbed a screw driver an crossed the solenoid that was all fine until today i tried it and got nothing no click no sound, or anything then...