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  1. Banshee350Warrior

    Clutch slippage?

    My 98 warrior has been a super reliable quad since I got it, but it’s had a constant problem since I bought it. The clutch seems to slip and jump when I give her a bit of throttle. I’ve changed the oil twice, and replaced the clutch as well. I now only hops in third gear. I can’t seem to figure...
  2. Motorsporteiros

    Transmission behaving strangely

    Hey guys, so, my 2007 Raptor 350r is behaving strangely when it warms up and i try to shift a gear ( driving normally), the shift pedal becames very stiff to push and pull. Another problem that I am having is the reverse. Most of the times when I try to pull and bring back the reverse lever...
  3. T

    Hard do push in neutral?

    Hi guys I'm new here but have been using lots of great Information off of here for the last 2 years I've had my warrior. Just after this last ride my warrior became a lot harder to push when in neutral. This is in the engine forum not the suspension forum because with the chain off the axle...
  4. T

    Clutch Engagement

    Hi. So.. My Warrior, is with some weird problem that I will start to explain. More or less 4 weeks ago my clutch was spinning so I changed the Clutch Disks and everything was running great again. But, 2 weeks ago I was riding and I had to make a sudden stop and I stopped at 3rd gear and...
  5. V

    Clutch issues please help

    Hi I hear this is the place for warrior help I'm new to the forum I need some help with my clutch I think. Pulled the clutch lever (had a huge amount of tension) and started it and went to let off to drive and my clutch didn't disengage. the clutch lever is just limp and where my clutch cable...
  6. CarolusRex98

    Tough clutch

    My '98 warrior has THE toughest cluch ever its so hard to pull , everyone elses clutches are like butter , i can quick shift better than anyone i know , how can i make it easyer , does motion pro or anyone make super clutches, that are easy to pull... -thanks
  7. CableDWG2000

    Clutch Kit Question

    I have been reserching clutch kits for the Wolvey. I am thingking about the EPI clutch kit but here is my delemma. Should I get a kit for stock size tire or a kit for 27" to 28" tires? :???: I do not plan on going any larger than the 25" I have on it now. I am not worried about top end speed...
  8. WV98YFM350

    Why is it...

    why the HUGE opinion differences in Tusk clutches? Is it simply that everyone enjoys paying for names or what? Seems to me if they were so inferior they shouldn't be allowed to manufacture them. Plus a few on here swear by them!? I plan to install a set tommorow+1 steel and HD springs to see how...
  9. WV98YFM350

    Uh-Oh! Popping noise from inside clutch cover??

    Any Ideas as to what this may be? It still goes forward and reverse but has an intermittant "POP-POP" sound while in gear. Doesn't do this idling or revving in neuteral only when in gear. I'm assuming (and hoping) just something to do with the clutches and new ones will fix it. Has only started...
  10. bluethunder86

    shifting is easy, slips when you gun it though

    im sure this has been brought up before in different threads but i need straight answers. its an 88 warrior 350 the oil has been changed and so has the filter. i start the atv and let it warm up, doesnt take long because its about 50 here. i can get on and shift into first and take off slowly...