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  1. V

    Yamaha Raptor 350cc

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum, wanted to know if there are any videos that shows to remove the carb as I have not started my ATV in over 4 years and decided to get it going
  2. T

    Carb Replacement Help

    Hey guys, I’m pretty sure this is my first post but I have been lurking the forum for the last couple years that I’ve had my warrior. I have had constant trouble with carbs since I’ve gotten the quad. It is a stock 03 warrior 350. When I got it, it had been sitting for several years because it...
  3. hashish420

    valve stem carb mod

    Hey everyone what is this valve stem carb mod everyone is speaking of im overhauling mine right now!
  4. E

    z400 carb

    Looking to get a z400 carburetor and a raptor 350 intake manifold. Let me know what ya got!
  5. N

    Motor stalls when throttle is engaged

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just picked up my warrior from a friends house where it was sitting for nearly a year. I initially had some electrical issues; including the starter solenoid, main fuse and the battery. Today, I was able to get it running. It would stall once I gave it some throttle...
  6. W

    97 warrior... weird idle, rpms stay high???

    Hi everybody, New to this site and new to quads it comes to mechanical issues so any opinions and information would be greatly appreciated.. I recently bought a 97 warrior brought it back home and the next day it would start, idle but as soon as I pushed the throttle it would backfire, cough...
  7. C

    CDI/carb problems tuning

    I have a 2002 warrior bored 40 over, kibblewhite valves yada yada yada, port and polished whole nine yards. Ill cut to the chase. I order a big gun rev box and throw er in to hopefully fix the popping and sputtering up top and get a little more out of her. Started right up got half throttle and...
  8. W

    1987 warrior wiring and fuel problems... please help, im so new to this

    this is my first post and i love this site! i am having some problems with my warrior... i picked up the bike for 100 bucks like a month ago and it apparently needed a top end rebuild (really just the exhaust valve and timing chain.) so now ive got it all shiny and hooked up but i cant for the...
  9. T

    new terrapro owner in OH

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and new to ATVs. Been a motorcycle gal mostly. I picked up a really clean Terrapro today from the original owner. The quad runs great but when it warms up it acts like its not getting enough fuel when it idles for about 30 seconds. sometimes it stalls then starts...
  10. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior Running Rich With Aftermarket Parts

    Hey guys. I hope somebody can help shed some light on this one.... So my warrior has been sitting for a while since it broke the woodruff key. I fixed that, then it wouldn't idle except on choke. So I go through the carb real good and fixed that issue. Then the recoil "blew up" and the...
  11. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior 350 Idling Problems

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything, I've been real busy with work. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, my trusty Warrior has not been running for several months (turned out it broke the woodruff key. Then it broke it again since I didn't use the genuine Yamaha part)...
  12. Johnsonty1024

    Motor Rebuild

    I have a completely stock 1987 warrior and i am looking for someone to rebuild it for me . I want it taken apart , clean out and put back together and if there are any parts that need to be replace , inform me so i can buy the parts to replace them. This includes top end bottom end and...
  13. Johnsonty1024

    Carb , Air Filter , Slip on Exhaust

    Looking for 3 good brands of these parts .....Air Filter , Slip On Exhaust and Carb....Please Help....Any information is good and details are even better.
  14. D

    carb for a 95 wolverine?

    I've got a 95 wolverine and i'm trying to figure out if any other carbs will work besides a used 95 carb (cause I can't find one) or a ridiculously priced brand new one. any help is appreciated.
  15. Y

    Warrior carb on Wolverine

    So I've been reading through some of the posts and several people have put a Warrior carb on their Wolverine. I have a 2000 Wolverine and the carb is trashed. If I put a Warrior carb and boot on it will there be any problems with the stock jets that are on the Warrior carb? My Wolverine is...
  16. IowaWarrior

    Random parts

    Got 2 things, DG Baja series A-Arm Guards, Missing 4 clamps but u can get them from DG for 5 bucks i believe Mikuni T34 Flat Slide Carborator, 34mm dont know the jet size everything is there looks like it had never been used 25+shipping for the A-Arm Guards 200+shipping for the Carb Both are...
  17. warriorsrawesome

    Warrior not revving quite right....

    I just put a UNI pod filter on my Warrior and so I bought a bigger main jet. I bought a 152.5. Keep in mind that my quad has an FMF pipe on it and I also dumped my air box. I would think this jet would be too rich if anything, but when I tested my Warrior, it seems to be too lean. When it revs...
  18. warriorsrawesome

    Jetting Questions....

    Ok my 99 Warrior has an FMF Megamax 2 slip on exhaust pipe / muffler with a spark arrestor on the end. FMF recommends a 150 or 152 main jet for my quad with JUST the pipe, but they were running a special fuel mixture and I just use regular gas. Also I'm 500 feet below their altitude. The other...
  19. warriorsrawesome

    Carb leaks gas!

    Whenever fuel is flowing through the carb, it always leaks gas whether I'm riding or the quad is parked. It comes right out the tube on the very bottom of the carb. Of course, it empties the float bowl and then continues leaking because it tries to fill the bowl again. This is really annoying...