carb for a 95 wolverine?

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Feb 15, 2011
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I've got a 95 wolverine and i'm trying to figure out if any other carbs will work besides a used 95 carb (cause I can't find one) or a ridiculously priced brand new one. any help is appreciated.
You can use the carb from a Warrior/Raptor 350 also.

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Was the 95 the first year of the Wolverine? I beleive they used a Warrior carb that year. After that, they switched to a slightly smaller cab. I want to say it helped with the bottom end of the power range.
what about puttin a carb for a 96 and up on a 95? any body know if that will work? I'm guessin i'd just have to replace the intake boot and it would work?
Yea should work without a problem.