UPDATED*Keep Dave in your prayers (fmfwarrior13)

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Jun 16, 2005
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hey guys. i just got the horrible news about dave (fmfwarrior13). hes been in a horrible car accident and is in critical shape. everybody keep him in your prayers.

hes an awesome guy and doesnt deserve this so lets wish him the best of luck- and a good recovery.
I had a bad feeling something like that happened when he didnt post for like 2 weeks. This really sux, i wish him the best of luck and im prayin for him
Thats horrible news, i knew something was up i talked to him almost every night. He is in my prayers. If you can somehow, let him know that we all miss him on the boards. And to get well asap.
o ****...hes a cool guy. Keep us updated man, thanks for informing us all about this.
damn, we didnt always get along but that is terrible, i hope he gets better. I will be lookin forward to argueing with him in the future. Come on guys he will pull through.
just got new word. sorry to say that hes in a coma. keep praying guys- keep hope
Thanks for the update. Sorry about the bad news. I'll continue to pray for him.
wow this is horrible

if anyone would like to say anything to him personally pm me with your comments. i have his hospitol address so we can all say something and his family will read it to him. it is proven that when someone is in a coma they can hear what people are saying and that will spark an even better chance of waking up.

anything you want to add is helpfull so keep the comments coming in guys. lets hope he pulls through