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Jul 3, 2005
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I'm having some financial issues right now with school so i think i need to sell my quad till i get out. Its not like I ride it while i'm here, and when I get out I will be making enough to buy a new one so i gotta let her go. My question is: How much should I ask/plan to get? Specs:

-96 warrior
-hotrod connecting rod
-bored .020 over with a weisco piston
-dynojet stage2 jetkit
-DG exhaust
-EBC clutch
-New battery
-just reupholstered the seat
-Just lightly shaved the front fenders and painted all the plastic. Not cheap ****, cost me $140 for the materials to do it right. no rattlecan.
- custom hood with headlight hole cover and custom lights

All the motor work was done this summer and I only had time to run about 4 tanks of gas through it so its barely broken in. I'll post some pics up her tommorow or thursday so you can get a look at it. Only problem is with the valves, they tick a lil.
So is it best to sell it on ebay? I kinda want a quick sale and would be willing to take a little less as long as the monet comes to me fast. I'm at school and if I don't do somthing soon i'm gonna starve.
I would sell it in the local paper, and if no luck then do it on ebay, cause local is so much easier, and people seem to get more $$ that way.
I got the pics but the site I use to host em is down at the moment. Are you guys sure 2000+ isn't a lil high? I see raptors go for that all day.



loving the plastics they are sick.... and it doesnt peel or crack when the plastic bends??
nope, won't peel or crack or even chip. I use a flew additive with chipguard in the clearcoat.