Starter is turning over but engine isn't

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May 15, 2017
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Hey I need some help. My 03 warrior starter cranks over but has no fire. Once in a while it will grab and turn the engine over I took the left side cover off and found that it just turns but the crank or cam will not turn. I can turn the crank by hand and it will turn the cam too. So what's this one way starter bearing?
Sounds like it. Or the gears in the starter are starting to go
Sounds like it. Or the gears in the starter are starting to go

I took apart the starter on Sunday. All I found was wore out brushes but nothing else so I put it back together to see what other parts I need. I turned the engine over with out the side cover on and it turns the gear it is meahed with and the big gear behind the magnito turns but the crank shaft does not.
does the flywheel turn? if not you must have a sheared flywheel key. at this point i would keep my fingers crossed that it didn't mark up the crank too bad from spinning the flywheel on the crank
oh ok then your one way bearing must be totally shot. replace it and the big gear. i have never actually heard of one that wont at least grab a little bit...
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yeah that's the problem... make sure you dont skimp and you get the gear too... i have skimped before, but my clutches always grabbed enough to still start... yours sound totally junk
Today I pulled the gear between the starter and the bearing and the bearing turns one way but not the other. So that's kinda strange from what I ve been reading if it's toast it should spin both ways right?
well its hard to tell without being there but its likely that the bearing grips one way on the bench but it doesnt grip hard enough to actually turn the motor over. i mean there could also be a other things. you could have a crank bearing totally froze up, or a connecting rod bearing froze... but those things are a lot less likely than a worn out starter clutch. You did say that it will catch and turn every once in a while so i doubt it is anything but the starter clutch. The good news is there is an aftermarket for these now...

edit: i would buy a raptor one way over a OEM... but do not buy the OEM knock off on ebay

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