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  1. M

    Starter is turning over but engine isn't

    Hey I need some help. My 03 warrior starter cranks over but has no fire. Once in a while it will grab and turn the engine over I took the left side cover off and found that it just turns but the crank or cam will not turn. I can turn the crank by hand and it will turn the cam too. So what's this...
  2. D

    1991 warrior starting issue

    Hello, I recently replaced my starter in my warrior. When I try to start it the starter spins for about 5-10 seconds then i can hear it finally catch and start to turn the engine over. It still does this even with a jump pack hooked up. Can I take my starter out and hook it up to a power source...
  3. Y

    bad solenoid

    i have a bad starter solenoid on my 07 wolverine, and was wondering if there is anyway to safely start it, it makes farm chores so much easier. your help is greatly appreciated
  4. K

    Starting problems. HELP please

    I can't cant start the engine basically. The starter turns but the motor doesn't. Spark is good. I have a pull start on it and the engine turns. With plug out i can confirm that the engine has compression. With the plug out and starter going I have nothing coming out of the spark plug hole. Kill...
  5. W

    1987 warrior wont start

    My warrior is really starting to piss me off :p. I replaced the starter/solenoid, and the 15 amp fuse. the ignition coil has a thin wire that comes out the side and it doesnt have a connector on it, there is an orange wire and a brown wire coming from the CDI and they dont have connectors...
  6. b_riggs04

    starting problems

    ok guys i have a problem i cant point a finger at, it first started with my starter button quit workin an i havent really had time to mess with it so i jus grabbed a screw driver an crossed the solenoid that was all fine until today i tried it and got nothing no click no sound, or anything then...
  7. Road1420

    Warrior starting issues

    I got a 2001 warrior i have been having issues with but first a brief history i bought it about 9 months ago it always bogged down when you got on it i found out there was a piece of wood blocking the main jet removed it cleaned the carb changed the fuel filter run great then the intake boot...