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Apr 25, 2020
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Hi, I just got my first Warrior (1990) and I noticed that it sat low in the rear, is this a normal thing or is there some kind of lowering kit on my quad? I adjusted the shock all the way up on pre-load and its still very low.
shocks just done for. needs a rebuilt. i use brad @ kb5 in dever PA for building of shocks and cranks. Hes done many of my machines. Just did a warrior 350 rar shock set up for my daughters blaster. He does mail order work. I think my last rebuilt shock was about $130 or so with all new parts and bump stop.
The warrior rear shock is junk sorry it's a fact Your best bet would be to not waste 130 bucks rebuild it in my opinion... but use that cash to pick a decent aftermarket shock or look in to doing the banshee or 01 660 shock mods that can be found on here

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