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  1. l3renden

    Rear sag

    Hi, I just got my first Warrior (1990) and I noticed that it sat low in the rear, is this a normal thing or is there some kind of lowering kit on my quad? I adjusted the shock all the way up on pre-load and its still very low.
  2. Cantonis34

    Cheap suspension upgrade?

    So I was looking for a cheap pair of shocks for my Warrior. I want to put the 660 shock on the back. But what about the front? I know banshees will fit, and I think raptor. But I do quite a few jumps, up to maybe like 30-40 ft average. And I heard banshees aren't good for jumping, is this true...
  3. R

    Raptor 350, best mods for money?

    :atv:ive got a 2013 Yamaha raptor350. ive saved up about $500 and want to spend it on my wheeler. I don't really need more speed, but torque doesn't hurt. im interested in protection, and suspension( possibly extended a-arms, and axle), any ideas what to get? the quads already got, -AC...
  4. W

    A Few Suspension Questions

    I just added adjustable A Arms to my Raptor 350. I am curious what everyone runs for toe-in and negative camber. The information I found says a total of 1/4" of toe-in (1/8" per) and 3 to 4.5 degrees of negative camber is a good place to start. This is supposed to be 1/4 - 3/16" on a 22"...
  5. 9

    Suspension Adjustment

    I've been working on my 1997 wolverine for over a year now and am finally getting it running right. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to adjust the suspension and also what should i adjust it to for a more firm ride.