Razr2's, holeshotHD's, or kenda knarlys?

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i have 22 and i still get highcentered ALOT, that how the trails are here. if i had 20's id probobly cry because i be getting off and pushing even MORE. So if it rough just get 22's they dont make u slow if anything they give u a high top speed. if u mx then 20 or smaller.
and yes im happy with my .250 skidplate too
if a guy is running in atv parks or tracks 20's would be a good choice, but in real world driving the 22" adds needed ground clearance. I would like 20's but I would get hung up more often.
And 22's are "FASTER"

20 inch-Holeshot HD ;D
22's won't make you faster, 20" and geared up would make you faster, much better option!
How about the Kendra Bear Claws on a warrior? I need tires all around and was also thinking bout 22;s on the rear in hopes of a little more clearance?? Are the a good tire and with the treads will I still be able to rip corners? jccruiser with the 20" holeshots, quad looks great man!!

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