Razr2's, holeshotHD's, or kenda knarlys?

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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
Which tire would be best for me? I ride long gravel roads, lots of mud and dirt and i have to cross a stream everyday.
Everybody seems to like the HOLESHOT HDs... I think either the HOLESHOTS or RAZRs would suit you. Check out the PRODUCT REVIEWS section, they should have reviews on both tires.
A buddy of mine has mudlights on his wolverine. I think I'm going to slap a set of 22's on the rear of my warr. They seem quiet/light/smooth and he can still break them out on corners.
I ride gravel roads a little, mostly dirt 2 track roads, logging trails, creeks, and muskeg. Mostly blasting down bush trails and jumping gravel pits. I like performing but need TRACTION.
The area I live in is rolling hills( 300ft above sea to 2800 above sea level). Lots of swamp/forest. There is 200 miles as the crow flies east to west, and hundreds of miles north and south. I have never seen more than 5% in my life. Stock tires held me back.
I really thought hard about the very tires you are asking about....those were my choices too.
The mudlights might not have the sporty/cool factor though. ...I think they look pretty MEAN on a sport quad.
get the Kenda Klaw XCR 20" ... they are 6 ply and really hook up...

Best tires i ahve seen yet for the money, by the riding you do though i would get the 22's. They last forever and hook great in everything out there.
Well for one if your going to get holeshots get the HD ones... Regular ones will wear out in two month's tops

Kenda Knarlys are badass.
Well for one if your going to get holeshots get the HD ones... Regular ones will wear out in two month's tops

Kenda Knarlys are badass.

Yes normal holeshots do wear out pretty quickly - HDs kick ass though.
Ok its between the knarlys and the kenda klaw xcr in 22' for both. Which is better for snow and mud?
dude u should get a 20 inch tire in the rear...and the knarly would be much better in the snow they have a wider tread spacing and larger lugs.
Don't get 22's man.. they would be heavy and you would be extremly slow. 20's will do just fine for your apllication. 20" Knarlys
I had purchased 22x11x9 Holeshot XCTs and then I went to 20x11x9 Holeshot HDs - I regret ever wasting money on 22x11s.... But hey if that's what he wants thats what he wants.
They just rip & look a lot better - the 20x11x9 holeshots arent even THAT much smaller then 22s... I ride in some rocky, muddy, sandy, dry, rutted, snowy, **** up here in NY (pretty much any weather/conditions you can get into) and have no problems with them.