Rappy or Warrior?

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Warrior I like the rappy but its a raptorized warrior. I will stick with the old design I liked them before yamaha decided to raptorize everything in site.
im with PBlackmon ;D warrior with the new plastic, or cut plastics
How did you guys cut your plastics...what did you use and do you have any tips or hints on how to do it. I wanna cut mine but i only want a slight cut nothing dramatic, i want the plasctics to look more racer esc and still protect me from rocks.
Not exactly the right place for this but I used a jigsaw with a fine tooth metal blade then sanded it down.
never rode the 350 raptor so i wouldent know the difference........ what is some of the differences in the warrior and the 350 raptor
I would say the warrior because from what I've heard the rappy has a taller engine and no likes that.
Engine are the exact same. Plastics changed and the rappy is a few lbs lighter stock.
well from what i heard the warrior is better bcuz the raptor breaks more often than the warrior but i dont know if its true
P.S. i have my warrior for 2.5 months and nothing broke ;)