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Mar 2, 2005
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~ a-arms:
Armadillo or ASR?

~ Rappy 350 Plastic:
Blue or White?

~ La sleeve 385cc kit?

~ Frame:
Red or blue (with plastic combination)?

~ Bumper:
Blingstar or Pro armor sport or GYTR sport?

~ G force axle?

Thanks guys
*A-Arms: Wicked

*Axle: DuraBlue

*Cut your warrior plastics dont go rappy 350 you have a warrior man!!! The warrior looks awesome with the plastics cut right.

*LA Sleeve kit sounds good but Id go with top end work and a high comp. piston first.

*Bumper: DG Alloy Offroad series or AC - The "Iron cross" (not even a real one) is played out now a days and everyone and their mom has one somewhere...
Ooooooooooo man dick gobler!? I am going to sit in a dark corner and cut myself tonight now :( :'(! hahaha got to love the name "bling" star though fits right in with the hip hop culture your so feasibly apart of. ;)

I always liked the GYTR bumper myself. I have heard good things about ASR a-arms. The G-force is a nice axle, it has a lifetime warrenty i think, but dont hold me to it.
thanks guys, i'm just asking, 'cause kinda dizzy down here....i really want those LE plastics.. anyway if i get black rappy plastic i'll place warrior decals all over