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Is this the only time you've ever done something you've regretted? If so, good for you. I won't beg you to stay but would not expect or want you to leave on account of it. It's not that big of a deal. Most of us have talked **** to other riders. I do it to my friends. I just don't do it to strangers because too many people take it serious. The first couple of guys who responded on ex forum seemed to be just talking **** back and then the blast-turd guy seemed to get pissed. Again, no big deal! Has anyone here not talked **** to somebody for fun? It's nothing to be so embarassed about.

And man, Death's opinion shouldn't mean that much to you. If he liked you before, he shouldn't dislike you now. Surely your self-esteem is not so low that it revolves around what someone else thinks. If Death can't get over it he'll ban ya. I don't think he's that shallow of a guy. **** happens, wipe ya ass and flush it.
ya, i guess. But seriously, i broke our toilet like 2 days ago, it sux!
There wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t link this site DIRECTLY and TELL THEM TO JOIN and talk **** HERE. If you didn’t bring the site into this or link them to us there would be absolutely no problem and I wouldn’t even be involved. As administrator I have to do what is best to protect this site from becoming like atvconnection and other nonsense boards full of people talking ****; that means stopping assholes from other forums coming on here - By you starting **** with other forums it makes my job that much harder. What if all of them came over here and started talking **** on our forum or even worse in our chat!!? That means much more headaches for myself and sucks for the board/chat because then I have to enforce restrictions to keep them away. I am not mad at you Reggie but what you did was idiotic and gave us a bad name; makes us look like a bunch of pre-pubescent **** talking assholes. I would like you to stay here but for now your quad squad position is suspended. This is not a personal vendetta I am not mad at you once again but id like people to think of us as a good board not just a bunch of trash talkers...
I really don't have much to say about the whole thing. Honestly though you did step up afterwards and apologize which I do respect. I don't know how mad that made everyone else, but I was pretty pissed off. Everyone does mess up, luckily you recognized this and stopped hopefully before it went too far. I'll get over it, probably won't forget about it(I'll probably give you **** about it randomly).

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