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lol, if u wait someone will reply on here and tell u the whole story, basically i wnet on EXriders, and they were talkin crap about warriors, so i went and started talkin **** about 300exs, and i guess it was wrong of me.
Honestly it was childish, but you are young. It didn't hurt anyone and I've read much worse on that site. The problem I think most people have is that you linked to YFM 350 Central and were therefore representing this site. Just apologize and be done with it. Every body messes up now and again so they shouldn't hold it against you too much. And like I said, I've read several threads on that site similar to yours. Sometimes it's raptors vs. predators, yfz vs 450r, etc. anyway they should be used to it, but this site is not like that and who wants it to be? I get a kick out of reading that stuff and is why I go over there to read that sorta thing. I'll fuss with em every now and then, but I try to be respectful and not really talk **** about their ride as much as point out what I think is wrong about what they say. Most people will debate points with you without getting so defensive then. You should know what I mean because you getting defensive was what started it all wasn't it? You got pissed and decided to come here and get some back-up to go back with ya. That's what it looked like to me anyway. It shouldn't continue to be a big deal though. Most of the people on that site are closer to your age than they are to mine. Most on this site are closer to your age than to mine too. And many of them would do the same thing if they thought it would get a laugh.
Honestly...the whole bashing on other quads is retarded. All it does is tend give all the other people on yfm350central a bad name. I dont want to be known as one of those. Im not mad at you or anything reggie...I know you were just havin some fun.
Ya, thanx guys.....I didnt even think about me mentioning the site, i did forget about that, and i AM TRUELY SORRY for linking my dumbass **** talking to this site. I do apologize DEATH, and everyone i fucked over doing my stunt. Sorry
That a boy reggie. Dont go and kill yourself or anything now(LOL). Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. I forgive you. ;D
Ya, but from what i heard and what ive read, death is beyond pissed at me, so im still fucked. And thanx u guys.
what you did was a lil stupid, but there right, you did do it, and didnt really think it completly through, what i think you should do is go over there, and appologize on the site on behalf of yfm, not everyone on this site would do that, but you did and you made us all look bad, i think appologizing would be the politically correct thing to do, and maybe one day even tho they ride hondas we can get along as atv riders, and not as yamaha, or honda riders, the goal of this site, and ALL atv forums is to teach eachother, and talk about riding experiences, and maybe one day yamaha riders, and honda riders will get together and and talk about riding experiances, and not how hondas/ yamahas suck.....
nah man death was mad but hes like well i hope hes like me and most ppl... we think of it this way, its FINE to be mad, but it has to stop at one point because think of it this way, im 15, deaths 20, we have around 80 more years if we dont do something stupid to end it....why be mad all that time. Give him some cooling off time and he will calm down. I get pissed and say **** to him all the time...ask him. He knows that were all like that (even know he bitches at me about it). Give it a few days and say something to him.
Go over there and look at any thread with "vs" in it. It happens often on that site. People always want to think that what they've got is unbeatable. I dont get upset about it but some people do. Just pride and immaturity I guess. Whats really funny is that some of the ones who get so tore up are probably 4'6" and 75 lbs. and talking like they'll kick your ass for having an opinion or disagreeing with theirs.
Ain't no sense in leaving, Dude. If ya can't screw up every now and then, we're all screwed. It wasn't that big of a deal anyway to me. They just don't want a bunch of **** talker's from another site coming here. I don't blame em. That gets old quick and nobody ever wins.
yea man dont leave u benifit from the site along with everyone else u screwed up once lets just forget it and start again. Yea stupid thing to do and u learned your lesson but dont leave the site for one **** up just put it behind u and dont do that stupid **** again and its all good.
but i want to stay here. And everyone will know me for that person that was talkin **** to 300EX people. And i am just gonna leave after this is cleared up. Cuz i dont know what death is gonna think of me since i did this. So im gonna leave after this is done, i will hang out, but wont reply as much, if at all.
its your decision to leave, but as long as no stuff like this happens again it should be ok. stay dude no sence in leaving.
yea i know you feel bad about it but we'll just put it behind as and go on. You contribute to the site it wouold suck loosin u because of this stupid thing lets just get over it and the **** will settle and be normal
I dunno, it all depends on Death, and if he still wants me around.