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Hell yeah. I already have a 10 year old. I've been wanting to have another kid for a long time.

Here is a pic of my boy last time I took him dune riding and after his first OTB experience. He was done for about an hour.
Sandlake Oregon
Where was that picture taken? :eek:

I would love to ride on a beach like that. Those OTB's get alot worse as you get older, your usually going ALOT faster when it happens.
Congratulations on the baby! There isn't no better feeling to hear that first cry.
I have 2 girls 5yrs & 7months old. I had the oldest girl riding me around on a lt50 at 18 months old she only knew one speed WAO ;D
i cant believe more people are below 15 i would think it would be older cause i didnt even know the comp was there before 15 lol im a hick tho ;D
turned 19 March 7th :p, still have no job.... still live with my parents.. still have no girlfriend... still spend to much time under the hood of my race car... and on a quad.. and infront of a computer ;D

SPEED IS BETTER THAN SEX!!!!!... in my humble opinion atleast ;)

(time for a quote)

**** 'Em Man, white knuckles tight
Through Black & White -Metallica, Fuel :)
28 but feel 18 so to hell with age. Had a good OTB experience Saterdau and drinking tequila at 10 in the morning to help with the pain.
31 with a baby on the way for the beginning of july. I don't feel much over 18 and hope it won't change...
16 goin on 17 in July..i dont have a permit yet, and i have a baby....j/k i dont have a baby, but i really dont have a permit. lol

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