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im 14 pay for my own 04 gt mustang, pay for all the parts and what not on my quads and helped pay for the back hoe! if your wonderin how i do this...i work more then most....almost every day after school.... EVERY weekend the last strip and wax was a 11 hour pay day! (i havnt slept in 2 days in a row since the summer befor last :eek: ..even worked the weekend AFTER X-MAS...and last year worked x-mass day!!) dont have time to do anything with my freinds hardly sept at school and hopefuly get to see my gf (of 10 months) atleast once every weekend (didnt this weekend :'() this was the first weekend iv had to ride in 2 weeks....make good grades in english honors (dont ask how my spelling and gramer is teriable as you can tell) world hist. honors......and still find time to be a moderater of this kick ass site! :cool:
if you ask me im alittle more mature then most freshmen so dont treat me like a little kid...please ;D
(and yeah reading this made my life seem like hell but just look at my quad happy to work hard for what i have just makes me appriteate it more)
Just turned 16, i am starting to feel old on here some of you guysa re alot younger than me, i remember when i was that young, haha. Enjoy it whille you can young guns. ;D :D
Alright some people are older than me, but still haha. 16 i mean everything is starting to happen now, im starting to have to spend my money on things besides my quad. :-/
22 here, wouldn't go backwards to highschool for anything though. I like things jsut the way I have them!
I'm 27 with a baby on the way also.