JE 12:1 in 2002 warrior

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Nov 13, 2005
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First i want to say hey to everyone, I am a newbie and have learned alot since joining. I have a question that you guys have probably heard a hundred times but I could not find it in any of the posts. I am thinking of buy a 2mm over 12:1 JE piston and a .450 webcam to put in my 2002 warrior. I already have a white Bros. E-series exhaust and a white bros. Mikuni performance carb. I am running a 15 tooth front and 40 back sprocket. My question is that if i buy the 12:1 piston am i going to have to run VP or racing gas all the time or can i get away with just normal 92 octane premium. Is there a bigdifference that i will notice between the 10.75:1 and the 12:1? Will i have any heat issues with the 2mm over or should i stay with the 1mm over instead. My main riding is trail and hill climbing, but occasionally i would like to be able to smoke a 400EX in a straight drag.{hondas should be banned!!} HaHaHaHa!!! Any advice would be great. Is anyone running the 12 or 10.75 JE piston that can help? Thanks guys. I will post pics just as soon as i get my dig cam working again.
Thanks for the advice. I went with the alba action kit with the JE 10.75 piston and .450 cam. Will post as soon as we get it in to let you know how it works.