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Feb 27, 2005
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Pinellas Park, FL
Just curious how everyone found this site, i know alot of you came over from warrior central(R.I.P) ;)

Anyways, just post how you found the site, from a freidn, search, link off of BT, etc.

Well heres my story, yamahaquad350, aka, Spenc, sent me a pm on BT to go to warriorcentral when it first started up, i got sick of the lack of progression there and a few of the members came together and made this site.
Well i was one of the original 5 or 6 members to be first included on this so that how i found out. Im likeing this site alot better, i just need to get some more posts up. ;D
i found this site in a post about warrior oil coolers at ATVConnection :p
got in trouble for soliciting? thats just mean... atv connection r snobs... i mean, its not like u were soliciting prostitution!..............., or were u ;)
well, i have alot of friends online, everything from real life friends to clan members in games i play... but sadly none of them even know what yfm350 means... :-/, so i cant really invite any of my friends lol but, if i meet anyone with a warrior ill point em this way ofcourse ;D

im not to proud to engage in alittle solicitation
Someone on here directed me over here from BT. I cant remeber who it was now, but they had the link in their sig over there.
this retarded donkey on aim named Ruban Garcia just wouldn't leave me alone... i think he's a sexual preditor ;)

EDIT: names RUBEN, not RUBAN **** face ;)
i found the sight from searching abouth the oil cooler upgrade. i think i found a link to the sight after i punched the screen cuz i couldent find ****.... and here i am now :)
yamahaquad350 dude or whatever with the blue warrior pm'd me on bluetraxx to go to warriorcentral, then pm'd me on warriorcentral to go here.