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Jul 14, 2012
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Just recently picked up an '87 Warrior for my boys to play with. It ran really strong. Had trouble starting it as it seemed to have a tremendous amount of compression. I could barely pull the start rope even with the decompression on. Finally got it started and my boys drove it for about an hour and it stopped. Found the starter clutch bearing was bad, so I replaced that and replaced the battery so I could use the electric starter. Finally got it started but it was knocking like hell, back fire, ect., checked timing, valve lash, spark plug, everything was good. Tonight I pulled the head and everything there looks good. Removed the cylinder, and wa lah, the connecting rod is wobbling around so bad. Are these things worth rebuilding? or do I just look for a good bottom end?
Imo they aren't worth rebuilding the crank. A new rod, bearing, and pin kit costs around 120 I think. Then add the cost of having someone rebuild it and you could have bought a brand new unit for about the same. Wiseco cranks suck, as duneracerweston has found out twice. Haven't heard anything bad about the hotrods units. They sell stock replacement, heavy duty and stroker cranks for the warrior. Up to you. Could always get a used crank or bottom end, but that can be taking a chance.

Just remebered, weston is getting a rebuilt stocker for a great price. Ask him where he is getting it from.
im getting mine from Mr. crankshaft in Tn and he does amazing work, have had over a dozen of his cranks, they come with a build sheet that showes ballance numbers and such.

you will talk to vince, He is extreamly healpful! tell him kelly rainwater sent ya and he will fix ya up.
Mr Crankshaft quoted $200 for a rebuild, Hot Rod is around $350 for a new crank/rod assembly. I'll pull the crank and sent it to Mr Crank unless I can find a good bottom or complete engine. I've never worked on cycle engines before - how difficult is it to split the engine housing? special tools required?
already have the flywheel puller - so I'll move ahead. Thanks for the help on my first post.

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