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    Warrior 350 Engine Rattle *FIXED*

    Hello, Just posting this clip I had of this terrible "engine" rattle I encountered mid ride a few weeks ago. This has already been fixed a few days ago but it might be helpful to someone with the same problem. I had the quad down to the bare frame over the winter time and when I put the engine...
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    Valve adjustment?

    Hi. New guy. I did read the FAQ for this sub-forum but did not see anything specific. I will continue to search but until I find it, I thought I'd be "that guy" and ask before doing a comprehensive search. I just bought a '99 (so I'm told) Warrior. Overall, it's in fair condition. The top...
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    07 350 raptor clicking noise help

    i herd that you guys are the best people to ask about help with stuff about the 350s so here it goes. i have a 2007 raptor 350se as far as i know the thing is all stock besides the stage 2 hotcam it has in it. what i was wonering is why would it make a loud clicking noise and not have as much...
  4. D

    Connecting rod bearing rebuild

    Just recently picked up an '87 Warrior for my boys to play with. It ran really strong. Had trouble starting it as it seemed to have a tremendous amount of compression. I could barely pull the start rope even with the decompression on. Finally got it started and my boys drove it for about an hour...
  5. J

    Warrior top end

    My '02 warrior has a leaking base gasket which after months of being ignored now needs to be replaced. Since I'm going in there, I'm wondering what else I should do to prevent future top end repairs... I'm not very experienced but I'm pretty sure it needs rings because it's smoking more and more...
  6. F

    slight engine rattle

    I just noticed a slight rattle coming from my engine when i had the bike idling. The rattle gets a little louder and faster with throttle. Also does it in gear. Is this normal. Thanks guys!!
  7. S

    Engine removal help!!!

    hey everyone.. im new to this forum.. but i just bought a 98 warrior for 900. it ran perfectly until i took the front fender off. the wires were a mess and the cdi or something shorted out.. well anyway, i decided to do a complete rebuild.. i have every thing off the frame but the engine.. i...
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    Need help ! Stoped quad for 5-6 years !

    Hey people im here to ask for all of your help because i have a Yamaha 350 electric Warrior from 95-96 that have been without any movement like in 5 or 6 years and the battery is dead and have the left tires flat.. im already gonna buy a new battery and put some air in the tires.. also ive been...