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May 13, 2005
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I recently bought some Maxima Chain Wax for my warrior. I was in a hurry and stopped at a shop not far from my house. Now since this is wax and is very thick almost all of the parts on the rear of my warrior have this crap on them. I cannot get it off. Anyone been through this, how did you get them clean? Its mostly on the frame...I used PJ-1 previously and it didn't come off my chain as bad. Whats the best product for my chain. I am about to throw this crap out and go buy some more PJ-1..Thanks
i dont know soap and water have taken it off for me so far, try a brillo pad that should take care of it all. That maxima stuff is the best that i have used so far. Also another thing, you are supposed to let that stuff set up for 15 mins before you ride it, did you do that, i dont even get anything on my bike if i let it set up. ;D
I USE it all the time buy some really good engine degreeser at ur auto parts store spary the area ur cleaning let it set 5 minz get sum boling hot watter and dump it on it it will run rite off the **** izz hard as **** to get off took me awhille 2 figure out how the hot watter isnt a must but cuts down on scrubbing. ;)
I tried my best with a few different pressure washers, none of them phased this crap.

I usually ride for a few minutes then spray the chain. I'd say I let it sit between 7-10 minutes..I 'll have to go get this crap cleaned up then try it again, just let it sit longer. The can is nearly full, I don't have anything to lose once I figure out what cleans it up.

Thanks for all the input though.
I used to use that stuff all the time. The first time i used it i noticed that it was sticking to everything so i tried my hardest not to get it everywhere. It came off with time and alot of washing. Now i use PJ-1 which is soo much better!
that **** ruined my stock chain... and not even my 2600 PSI pressure washer could get it off... then i used my uncles 4k PSI pressure washer :-D THAT didn't get it off...
Get some brakekleen from an auto parts store, that will take anything off.
Ruined the stock chain...That isn't very good news for me. And I really don't want to go buy a 60-70 dollar chain just because of some wax..But I have to get this stuff off soon. It looks horrible. I am going to try the sugestions you all gave..Thanks
Just wondering how the hell did it ruin your chain if anything can ruin it then a 4k pressure washer can man you packed that bish full of watter and killed them o rings lmao but some chain cleaner take you chain off let it soak over night she will be like new.
nnoo the chain wasn't even on it when i pressure washed it with my uncles pressure washer.
QUITE SIMPLE, just use the wax, when you clean the chain and rear components spray them good with water, then simple green and let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse and enjoy a brand new looking quad. I use that stuff all over the whole quad, requires almost no scrubbing. Be sure to use the spray bottle of simple green without dilluting it in water, just use the concentrate. You guys shouldn't use pressure washers, can damage quite a few components. If you do need to scrub the chain just use a dish scrubber with a handle and it'll come right off.

You suck at cleaning speedy!!! ;D j/k
Boxhead thanks for the reply. We had a bottle of simple green sitting at the car stereo shop where I work and it was not in use so I brought it home. I wanted to just try it out so I sprayed my rear end down with it and waited 30 secs or so and sprayed it off. The thin layers came off with nothing other then my garden hose, tomorrow I am going to spray my quad down and let it sit like you instructed then clean it off. Thanks for the excellent post. I knew this stuff was good, just didn't know it had that kind of power. Everyone should own a bottle of simple green.
Make absolute sure it's the one that is a general purpose cleaner and concentrated. They make limescale cleaners and many other products now that are dangerous to use on plastic. I use that stuff over my whole quad after weekend rides and the dirt just falls off like I scrubbed the **** out of it for an hour.

As for eating the lube out of the orings, hasn't happened yet. In the manual it refers to degreasers that are the intense industrial kind such as workhorse ect. If that stuff was eating up the chain it would have started to make noise after using three bottles of that **** on it.