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Aug 9, 2017
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Jenkins Township, Pa
Well, after more than 3 full years, my WOLVY is FINALLY home! I spent the majority of '19 and a good chunk of '20 in Tn (30-35 miles E/NE of Nashville, just above incorporated Lebanon) helping my best friend resolve the issues he was having with his gold mine of a business. Being there for so long I brought my quad with me and I had a great time riding the unlimited trails we found. I even had continual offers to sell this but it's not for sale. It IS incredibly clean as I bought it for next to nothing from the original owner who rode it for less than 18 months, had a kid and the quad sat in his garage until he got sick of looking at it. I doubt the machine has 100 hours on it, and I've put at least 30-40 on it myself.
To sum it up, I came home in '20 due to my back acting up (I'm a disabled veteran who's unfortunately developed MAJOR autoimmune & chronic pain issues that have resulted in 700+ days hospitalized since 2004. I had every intention of only being home for 2 weeks, seeing all of my Dr's, then going back. I even bought a pair of high buck tickets to see the Colorado Avalanche Vs the Nashville Predators in late January! I was able to score 10th row tickets from a season ticket holder who put them online for 1/3 of the cost and I jumped on them. I NEVER have been able to see my Avalanche play yet though as I wound up having my back "throw a rod", AGAIN, and had to have another surgery. Turned into a nightmare I'm still living with but I wasn't able to go back in '20, or since. Now, I BEGGED my best friend to ride my quad as we all know what happens when they sit. Well, he used it for his annual 6 weeks duck hunting trip in Arkansas (yes, he takes 6 weeks a year to duck hunt!) and it sat since. It was PACKED FULL of rice stalks/grass (no idea what you call the stuff) and MUD that is still glued to the exhaust pipe! The gas tank was empty, but not because he was nice and drained the fuel system. He left the fuel valve on reserve and yes, you guessed right, all of the gas made its' way into the crankcase!
Regardless, it finally found its way back to me (NE Pennsylvania, just east of Pittston) in sad shape. I have every aspect of it PERFECT once again EXCEPT the now smashed headlights. I don't much care they got broken. When you essentially abandon your machine for several years (not by choice) these things happen. Besides, he's been my best friend since we met when he moved 2 blocks from me from NJ in 1977! He's more of a brother than my own brother ever was.
My issue is that every review I read online about lights available on the aftermarket for this machine are total puss! The only ones that look halfway decent are by Caltric, but they don't offer a complete set with the housings but do sell individual lights with the housings, lenses, bulbs/wiring *complete*. I am HOPING someone here has experience with what Caltric offers as they're the only ones that look to be remotely close to OEM quality.
I don't want to have to go to aftermarket lights as I've done a great job of keeping this machine *almost* 100% original. The only non original aspect are slightly over-sized ultra aggressive tires along with some minor port/polish work and a carb jet kit. I'm considering a camshaft but do NOT want a loud exhaust, which seems to severely limit my options. Besides, I'm 52 now and my days of riding like a nut are behind me, I think LOL. Riding on the trails I ride much more than 20-25 mph is impossible for miles on end and there are loads of technical trails/hills that are not happening above 2nd gear. Besides, IF I want to "fly" I jump on one of my 2wd quads. I have a line on a 660 Raptor that's been siting for over 15 years....just need the owner to decide he wants to get rid of it...which is another reason to NOT try to make this into a "beast" engine wise.
Sorry for the rant/story all for a headlight question. I hope there's enough people left on this forum to have an answer for me. Once I'm done cleaning this, tuning it (carb rebuild kit ought to be here today or tomorrow) I'll post pics. Like I said...sans headlights, it's a CLEAN, original machine, so nothing wild to see with it.
Hope everyone is having a good day!
Cpt Kirk
Kirk Bonanny Disabled Veteran, US Army 11/89 - 11/96
Jenkins Twp, Pa
" I have every aspect of it PERFECT once again EXCEPT the now smashed headlights....I've done a great job of keeping this machine *almost* 100% original...The only ones that look halfway decent are by Caltric, but they don't offer a complete set with the housings but do sell individual lights with the housings, lenses, bulbs/wiring"
Pretty sure the headlights are the same as the warrior no?
I bought a pair of these and...not great. The bushings are much too narrow to properly fit between the ears used to mount the originals AND the lights are definitely of a substantially lower quality compared to the OEM lights. They are definitely NOT the same as OE lights in any way, shape or form. I have to use the original bushings from the original lights and they're slightly loose inside of these lights so I had to use Permatex Ultra Grey silicone sealer to install the bushings to where they won't be "flopping" once the silicone cures, which will be tomorrow (4th of July). They DO look "original". So long as my silicone solves the issue of the OEM bushings being too small inside of these headlights all "should" be OK, assuming these lights work as they're supposed to.

I will follow up with this as it seems original lights are hard to come by. I found 1 on eBay, but I am NOT paying $50 for someone else's smashed up faded lense just because it's original. People crack me up with some things.

Oh well. Have a happy & safe 4th everyone!

Kirk Bonanny Disabled Veteran US Army

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