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  1. M

    2003 Wolverine 350 4x4 Issues

    I have a 2003 Wolverine 350 4x4 and am having issues with it. I have some wires that come out of the CDI unit harness and need a diagram of the wiring to see where each wire goes. Can anyone help me?
  2. G

    01 wolverine cdi

    need a used cdi..i have no spark and have troubleshooted to the point that the cdi is about all that's left that could be the problem..but i'm not 100 percent so i can't drop the $ on a new one on a hunch
  3. Sbaugh

    2001 Parts Wolverine 350

    I am new to this forum since I recently purchased my first Wolverine. shortly after I purchased it I bought a parts Wolverine to use it for parts for my 05. I have a few items that I am keeping but the rest need to go. I was informed it was a 2001 when I purchased it and that Engine worked...
  4. Y

    Warrior carb on Wolverine

    So I've been reading through some of the posts and several people have put a Warrior carb on their Wolverine. I have a 2000 Wolverine and the carb is trashed. If I put a Warrior carb and boot on it will there be any problems with the stock jets that are on the Warrior carb? My Wolverine is...