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  1. YamahaWarriorGasGas

    Oil Leaking from the Stator Wires.

    So I thought my oil Seal was bad on my Foot shifter and replaced it still leaking. Then changed the countershaft seal thinking it was that throwing the oil onto the Stator side of engine and stator case and Nope not that either. So I pressure washed my bike and ran it for a bit to see where the...
  2. B

    00 warrior engine into 03

    I bought an 03 warrior 350 off a guy that did an engine swap from a 2000 warrior. He couldn't get it running because the stator wires don't match up. My question is can I buy a stator for an 03 to put in the engine so I'll have all the correct wiring or is it more complicated than that. Also...
  3. C

    Caltric Stator problem solved!! FIXED MY SPARK!!!

    Anyone out there that has been chasing spark issues on their Warrior has come across eBay stators. I took a chance on it considering how much volume Caltric is my story Bought an 01 Warrior with no spark/intermittent spark (started once). I went through the entire bike testing...
  4. B

    How to tell if stator is bad

    I have a 2000 warrior and my battery won't stay charged its the wrong sized battery but it turns the motor over well . Plz help
  5. Robstar

    Dead battery? Stator? Huh?...

    Hey guys I'm posting this on YFM because there is so much more activity than the Raptor forums. But here is my problem, around May or so I tried to start my Raptor after the winter sit but the gas was bad so no luck starting, while doing that I killed the battery and let it sit for about a month...
  6. andryzzle

    What causes warrior stators to fail?

    I am having starting issues again (weak/inconsistent spark). I had just finished putting the rear end back together so I went for a ride around the house. When I pulled back up to the garage it didn't want to idle right and it cut off. I haven't been able to start it since so I've been going...